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What Classes to Take at BC When Your Pick Time Sucks

It’s that time of year again, the time when students franticly spend hours on Agora searching for the perfect schedule, and advising appointments are things that actually happen. But not everyone gets the best pick times, in fact, the majority of Eagles besides a select blessed few are totally screwed. Don’t worry! We are here to recommend what classes to take at BC when your pick time totally sucks ass.

5.) Basic Finance (MFIN102101):
It’s never a bad idea to start prepping for your life as an adult, and Basic Finance is just the class to do it. This course acts as a broad overview of basic financial concepts, from capital budgeting, to the time value of money (whatever that means!). You’ll even trick your friends into thinking you’re a CSOMer when you slyly drop this class into the conversation; they’ll have no idea that you’re actually an English major with no working concept of the investment world. Stock exchange! 

4.) Quantum Physics II (PHYS440101):
No one in their right mind would ever willingly sign up for Quantum Physics, let alone Quantum Physics II, so you should be all set to register! Who cares if you haven’t taken the first half, or if you don’t even know what the basic equation for velocity is? Just take notes, read the textbook, and try your best to BS all the quizzes. Hopefully the super physics nerds taking this class for fun won’t notice the imposter in their midst. Because if they do… it won’t be pretty.

3.) Russian Cinema (FILM227701):
Yes, this is an actual course at BC. No, we don’t know anyone who has actually taken it. But why not you?! Do you like movies? Of course you do. How about Russia? Sure, why not! So put the two together for an awesome class on Russian Cinema. We can assume the only work would be watching movies (score!), and as a bonus, you could pick up some cool hipster chick at Cityside by dropping the name of a niche cold war film set in Moscow. 

2.) Career Exploration for MCAS Students (UNAS101501):
If you have absolutely no idea what to take this time around, just pick something that will help you out in your future endeavors. For those of you still trying to decide between sociology and science, check out Career Exploration for MCAS Students. First of all, it’s a university course, so it can’t be that hard. And if it helps you figure out what path to go on, it can only be a positive, right? Who knows, it might even change your perspective on your current major (but mostly, it’s an easy A).

1.) Drawing I: Foundations (ARTS110101):
With multiple sections to take at various different times, this is one of the classes that has the most availability for prospective students. Plus, it counts for the core, and it’s fun! Think about it: it’s a three credit course that counts toward your requirements that is nothing but drawing. It’s like kindergarten on steroids, and it can actually look good on a transcript. What’s not to love? Not to mention it can also be a great stress reliever when your roommate has his girlfriend over for the twelfth time that evening, and you need an escape to “doodle” all the terrible scenarios that could befall them. Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy behavior. 

Try out these 5 courses for something new and exciting when your plans to take globalization fall through. After all, there’s always next semester!

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