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Things BC Students Do Everyday That’d Earn Them a Degree From BU

Everyone can agree that BU is the WOAT. As you walk by Gasson each day, take a moment to thank God that you actually have a campus, and not some scummy strip of ugly buildings on Comm Ave to call home. Not only is BC more relevant to the outside world than BU, but there’s nothing sweeter than the sound of a bunch of Eagles chanting “safety school” in unison to any BU terrier. While you’re struggling to find an internship or just get above the curve in a class full of hardos, BU students aren’t doing nearly as much as you are.

If you ever regret your decision of choosing BC over BU during your tough finals week, just remember that your degree counts more than the random shit they do for a degree. Here are things you’ve done that would earn a degree at BU.

7.) Turned your laptop off and on when it froze:
Wow! You’ve just received your bachelor’s in computer science from BU. Maybe, just maybe, if you know how to charge your laptop, they’d allow a double major in computer engineering. Let’s not push it too far though.

6.) Printed out something from O’Neill:
Whether you just printed out some original design, a PowerPoint, or an essay, you’ve completed a B.F.A. in printmaking. You have just earned a degree while preparing for your next class. There’s nothing like killing two birds with one stone. Maybe your work will make it to the MFA!

5.) Looked up at the sky:
Congratulations, you new astronomer! BU should kindly send your degree in the mail after you look up to the sky. Just make sure you look up during the day and at night so they know for sure that you’ve completed the major.

4.) Walked into Fulton
Are you looking to transfer from A&S to business? The odds of you getting accepted into CSOM for next semester are low, but maybe look into applying to transfer to BU’s Questrom. Getting a degree in Questrom is as easy as taking two steps into Fulton!

3.) Merely looked at Gasson or any other building at BC:
If you know how to simply look at a building, then you’ve successfully earned a bachelor’s in History of Art and Architecture. There are numerous opportunities after graduation. You can look at Harvard’s buildings. Heck, you can even check out MIT!

2.) Turned on a light switch:
Get ready to move your tassel from left to right with this one. By quickly switching a light switch in your room, you’ve successfully completed all of the requirements for a degree in lighting design. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

1.) Asked a friend how they’ve been, and responded back to them
“Hey, what’s up? How’s your day going?” If you are capable enough to ask and answer these simple questions to any person, then you’ve graduated with high honors in communication studies. You’re gonna go far, kid.

If BC ever makes you feel like a complete dumbass, just remember that you’d succeed somewhere. Go Eags, am I right?

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