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The 7 Worst Study Spots at BC: A Guide to Unproductivity

Midterms came out of nowhere and all of a sudden your month of coasting through classes is long over. A quick glance at your calendar shows your professors have once again conspired against you and put all your exams during the same week. So, if there was ever a time to get serious, now is that time.

Once you’ve overcome your denial (it’s okay, we’ll give you a few minutes) your next task is, of course, where you’re going to get all your “studying” (read: eavesdropping and watching Netflix) done.

7.) Bapst Library:
Seems like the obvious choice, right? It’s quiet, studious, and very conducive to a good long study session. Think again. You’ll spend your hours studying the stained glass windows instead as you contemplate how you possibly got to this point and who will take your place in the eight man when you inevitably flunk out after midterm season. If you ever stop considering your impending doom long enough to read a few pages, you’ll be distracted again by everyone shushing you for turning the page too loudly.

6.) Hillside:

The upside is that it’s stocked with some of the best available caffeine on campus. The downside is that this bustling dining hall is not only bad for your study habits, it’s bad for your attempted healthy eating habits too. You’re going to spend the whole time trying to resist the urge to buy a cookie the size of your head, or at least cave and get some frips.

5.) Dorm Lounge:
You will see every single person in your building, and every single one of them will stop and chat. You will be in there long enough for those random board game players to play four rounds of that-game-you-don’t-understand, and you still won’t have learned a damn thing.

4.) Your Room:
In the fight between your homework and your bed, your bed will always win. In the fight between Netflix and your homework, Netflix will always win. Your grades will never win when you study in your dorm.

3.) The Quad:


If you are bold enough to risk messing with Father Leahy’s meticulously arranged grass, you are already more fearless than most of us. Your exam has nothing on you. But if you insist, beware the flyaway frisbees and the overwhelming tour groups that are all vying for the best Gasson gram.

2.) The Res:
Perhaps you were inspired by the old man in the Speedo who is always walking around reading his book, so you drag your study materials out there. Pros: there will be dogs. Cons: you will divide your time between petting said dogs, and wishing you were ambitious enough to run a few laps. Not a single fact will be learned out there.

1.) Boston Public Library:


Okay so this one isn’t on campus. Obviously. Some people, for reasons we can’t understand, see the appeal in getting out of the BC Bubble to do a bit of studying. But let’s face it: studying is unpleasant enough without adding a commute. Besides, once you get there you’ll be too busy people watching because anyone not wearing Lulu Lemon seems like a major red flag to you after your time in the Bubble.

Hope you’ve got some soundproof headphones and laser-like focus because the long and short of it is, there is not a single productive study spot on our entire campus. Your only chance is to pick a spot near some caffeine and hope for the best. May the luck of our Irish (Catholic) heritage be with you this midterm season.


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