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5 Last-Minute DIY BC Halloween Costumes You Can Whip Up with Shit Laying Around Your Apartment

Halloween is fast approaching and you don’t have all the outfits you’ll need for partying that week. Despite the fact that this should be the last thing on your priority list (because, you know, midterms), we took the time to list five costumes you can quickly whip up with all the trash laying around your dorm/Mod/apartment.  

5.) Drunk Freshman at a BC Tailgate:

This costume is perfect if you’re the kind of drunk where you get loud, sweaty, and obnoxious as all three are prerequisites. It’s a pretty simple costume all this one requires is you to dust off the super fan shirt you haven’t worn since freshman year, slap on a BC hat, and the unwavering excitement that comes with one’s first college tailgate without mom. The perfect costume to be paired with 12 Natty Lights because as you know, it’s gonna get thirstaayyyyy and you kinda have to be incoherent to pull this one off. 

4.) Father Leahy:
The key to nailing the Father Leahy costume is not showing up anywhere. Absolutely no one can see you on Halloween for this costume to work. They just have to assume you’re out there. When people ask in your 9 a.m. lecture Monday morning where you were, tell them you went as Father Leahy and everyone will laugh and laugh and laugh and be your best friends forever and always and maybe kiss you on the lips!

3.) Coach Addazio:
A pair of khakis, a Boston College polo shirt, a headset stolen from the language lab, a nice thick mustache from the collection of pubes in the shared bathroom, and a misconceived optimism are all it takes to make this conversation piece of a costume. Truly a costume of nuance, in order to fully become Coach Addazio, you have to absolutely nail the mannerisms. See a bunch of #bros playing flip cup? That’s just guys being dudes. Get beaten in beer pong? Violently throw that headset to the ground and pull your partner aside to yell at them for 10 minutes. If anyone accuses you of being too intense, they just simply aren’t a football guy. The one downside to this costume is that you can’t wear it to a Saturday party. Coach Addazio doesn’t show up on Saturdays.

2.) BC Student:
Before you scoff and throw your laptop in the trash, this DIY costume actually involves loads of prep. You need to start about a month out before your party and start averaging roughly 5 hours of sleep or less. Your next move is to begin consuming a normal diet of 2,000 calories but have none of those calories have any nutritional value. Lastly you’ll need to start subjecting yourself to intense amounts of stress, like enrolling in five classes and failing all five of them. 

1.) A CSOM Student:
Totally different than your regular B.C. Student costume. This costume is just as much about attitude as it is outfit. Grab whatever SUUUUUPPPER preppy clothes you have laying around for this costume. If you have a roommate or know a kid from freshman year whose dad is a lawyer, that’d be a good start. Pastel shorts and a pressed button down are the marks of this costume, but it’s so much more than that. The key to pulling this off is the attitude. Just know that you’re better than everyone in that party, and be sure to tell everyone  you’re in CSOM, bonus points for calling it THE Carroll School of Management.

Or go as a cool guy and JUUL all weekend.

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