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8 Things Underclassmen Think Happen at Cleveland Circle

Cleveland Circle: to upperclassmen it’s home, and to those too young or timid to legally buy a beer, it’s pure mystery. Many baby frosh and sophs wonder what goes on behind closed doors when Tuesday night rolls around, but you can’t ever really find out until you hit that magical 21 and get to enter the golden gates. And thus, the remain shrouded in mystery, thinking (at least) these things happen at Cleveland Circle over the weekend. 

8.) Everyone looks hot AF, dressed to the nines:
You have to remember that most of the legal adults at BC are seniors whose fucks flew out the window weeks ago. They’ll show up to Agoro’s in sweatpants and a winter coat and call it a night. Dressing up is a dead giveaway that you’re underage, or newly turned.

7.) All the drinks are super cheap:
Nope, guess again. Can you find three-dollar beers at certain bars? Hell yeah! At that same bar, can you also find twelve-dollar shots? You bet! It’s all about the specials that night and what they have more of, but either way, you’ll end up spending way more money than you meant to.

6.) Food is available for all your drunken munchie needs:
You would think that with all the awesome restaurants Cleveland Circle has to offer, there would be no shortage of unhealthy food for you to gorge on whilst trashed. But the last place to close does so at 1:00 (Pino’s, bless them) and then your only option is the hot food section of the 24/7 7/11 (which does the job quite well).

5.) You’ll be drinking until the sun comes up:
See above: Agoro’s hits the clock at 1, Cityside at 2, and MA’s infamously plays “Closing Time” whenever the last bit of puke/blood has been cleaned up off the floor (or the employees just want to go home). If you don’t get a jump on bar night early, you won’t be partying for very long at all.

4.) It’s all BC students all the time:
This may be shocking, but other people live in Boston. While it’s true that most of the people in Cleveland Circle on any given weekend are Eagles, there are a few brave locals who are just doing their best to get a drink at a packed Cityside. Give them some space.

3.) People with good enough fakes can get into MA’s:
No. No, no, no, no, no. We’ll say it again: NO. You may be confident in that shitty little piece of plastic you ordered all the way from China that says “Connacticut” on it, but MA’s doesn’t like it when legal students pack their bar. What do you think they’ll do to your 18-year-old ass?

2.) You’ll be able to handle all the alc:
Ah, you sweet summer child: never underestimate the size of MA’s shots (the go-to is a double), or how much tequila the bartender at Cityside will put in your Long Island. You start off the night fine, but then get to bar #3 and suddenly forget where you put your Canada Goose.

1.) It’ll eventually get old:
Hmmm, not really. With three different bars home to things like trivia nights, jukeboxes, and hoops games (yes, really!), Cleveland Circle never really gets old. Plus, without fail, you can always run into your best friends from class absolutely wasted and about to do something really stupid. Every night is an adventure!

Want to discover all the secrets the Circle has to offer? Guess you’ll just have to wait until you’re old enough.


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