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Top 5 BC Beards on The Heights to Model Your Movember Mustache After

Besides Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND National Men Make Dinner Day (which real by the way, it exists and there are rules for it), there’s another celebration that happens during the fall: a celebration of men’s facial hair. November 1st kicked off Movember, the tradition of growing out any semblance of facial hair a guy can muster in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide among men. Naturally this trend has infiltrated The Heights in recent years as each November, through a combination of good-willed awareness-raising and general lack of motivation creeping into the realm of personal hygiene, lads about campus are sporting beards. That being said, what should you grow out? What should the spectators be on the lookout for? No worries, here are 5 Boston College men to use as guides for your facial hair.

5.) Saint Ignatius:

Iggy is famous for rocking the classic chin curtain mustache combo that (had he not taken a vow of chastity and pursued a life of Godliness) would’ve totally gotten him laid. If someone were to break this beard out on Foster in two weeks, we’re not saying that person is “GUARANTEED” to get laid, but… they’re gonna get laid.

4.) The Addazio:

Equal parts mustache, bald head, and pure swagger. This one requires some pretty serious grooming as it’s built on a cornerstone of sharp angles, fine lines, and an innate bravado you’re either born with or simply aren’t. Plain and simple, this is a guy’s mustache, a dude’s mustache, a man’s mustache and so on and so forth.

3.) The Freshman:

If you can’t grow a beard but plan on doing so anyways, you deserve to be included in this article. The notion of going for it and receiving no recognition feels criminal, like the women’s field hockey team sitting at 11-7 with a game against Duke this Thursday (11/2), you also deserve a shoutout. Wear that patchy scraggly beard with pride, my friend. That is until you go home for Thanksgiving and mom makes you shave it, all about getting that Christmas card shot with her.

2.) The Father Leahy:

Father Leahy is a clear example that doing nothing can still be a statement. Clean-Shaven is a classic look that’ll never go out of style, and if you’re considering the strong effort but don’t think it’ll be quite as impressive as that 11-7 season the women’s field hockey team is in the middle of, then maybe reconsider and adopt this look instead.

1.) Jesus Christ:

Yeah, Christ, Jesus, God’s boy. Seeing as 6,000 years ago (and not a moment before that, #StayWoke) when Jesus made the world he also invented the beard. Logically that means his was/is the best. That long, flowing mane that descended from Jesus’ sculpted jawline converged effortlessly into his absolute salad of a hairstyle to make a lethal game changing unit of pure unadulterated flow. Let’s be honest this is probably the most realistic way you’ll ever emulate Jesus, might as well go for it.

So we’ve given you BC icons sporting various levels of facial hair, now’s the time to pick your favorite and sport it on The Heights like the manly man you sort of are. 

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