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The 6 Sexiest Professors at Boston College: Fall 2017 Edition

Be honest, you’ve dreamt about at least one of your professors at one time or another. Some of them are just downright sexy. Whether it’s their easy grading, their enticing lectures, or their excitement for class on a Friday morning, they definitely turn you on. As difficult as classes are at BC, staring at your professor as they give a lesson can take your mind off of your declining GPA. So, if you’re having a hard time picking classes, you might want to enroll in these professors’ classes, because why not.

6.) Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield “TKM”:

Representing the English department, TKM is a true gem. Students love him and he is honestly such a cool dude. You drool when he rocks his funky ties and plays his eclectic 60’s music. Not only is he one sexy guy, but his classes specialize in romantic works of literature.

5.) Marc Snapper:

Are you in pre-med? If so, then you’ve been in this man’s class. Something about OrGo just really gets you going. There has never been another man that is more passionate about organic chemistry, and, to top it off, Snapper is just an all-around great person. Although he teaches, arguably, the hardest class at BC, he’s always there to help so you’re not dying in O’Neill. He’s like your OrGo guru, in a sexy dad way.

4.) Ethan Sullivan:

First semester freshmen in CSOM get a pleasant surprise on their first day of class when they see this beautiful man as their Portico teacher. Professor Sullivan is the kind of professor that wants his students to build a sense of community and friendship in and out of class. It’s not every day that you hear of a CSOM professor encouraging feelings as A&S professors do. Damn, what a guy!

3.) Sarah Ross:

Sarah Ross hails from the History Department, and you’ll want to take her classes. Not only does she give off sexy librarian vibes, but she also brings quirkiness to her lectures. She definitely knows her material, and is passionate about European history. Her classes are fairly chill, and she’ll get you going during the Renaissance lectures. 

2.) John Gallaugher:

Are you struggling in Computers in Management? Have no fear, Gallaugher is your guy. Gallaugher didn’t just write the class textbook, but he teaches it to inspire you to follow your tech dreams! All CSOMers look for any and every possibility to network while in college, and John is, without a doubt, your guy. He can hook you up with alumni all over the country. Having connections is HOT.

1.) Peter Krause: 

If you’re planning on taking a PoliSci class, you must take Professor Krause. He is very knowledgeable and committed to his subject, and wants you to be too. You’ll come out of his class as a smarter and better student, and it’s partially because you paid extra attention in lectures because you had a major crush on him. I mean, look at the guy. DAMN.

Even if you’ve never taken these professors’ classes, you gotta admit that they’re pretty damn sexy. BC does it right. 

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