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Shit BC Students Say: Finals Edition

While everyone at Boston College loves to believe they are an ~individual~, there are a few things that unite us together and trademark the BC experience… and one of those things, is mf finals. Because of this, there are a some phrases that tend to get thrown around a lot. More than likely you’ll hear these things in the next week, coming from BC students whose finals are going to be way harder than yours. So to help you identify these unifying moments, we decided to share with you some of the most popular ones.

5.) “I have 6 ten-page papers, 8 tests, and 4 group projects.”: 
Just the typical BC student trying to convince their friends that they in fact have more work than any of the other 8,999 students on campus. Nope, you’re wrong if you think students can only take 18 credits of courses maximum. BC students know how to overload an overload, which means they in fact have the most work out of anyone and everyone. Also keep in mind projects, papers, and tests of this past week count in their ongoing list of complaints, because it was within this week so it’s okay to still be grieving all that effort and work. Just know, no matter how much work you have, someone else is always bound to have more.

4.) “I have three finals on the same day.”:
Hey, wow, yeah, no you don’t. One of those is moved because BC allows that if you have more than 2 exams on the same day. So stop lying or exaggerating that your final paper is the same thing as having three finals on one day. People just don’t have that, and everyone knows this, so it won’t gain you the sympathy points you’re looking for.

3.) “Finals week came early for me, LOL!”:
Yet another infamous complaint is that finals week isn’t even a thing because you have “so much due the week before.” It’s practically a month of finals for you! Between the endless amount of group projects, papers, and midterms that somehow seem to never end, you may just actually drop dead. How in the world will you make it to that last final after you have exhausted yourself for weeks, months, basically the whole semester?

2.) “I literally haven’t left Bapst in a month.”: 
Humans technically can survive without sleep for 11 days but there is no way you are thriving. In fact, there’s no way you’re able to take exams and write papers or even walk up all the stairs on no food or sleep for a week. So quit pretending you didn’t nap through your review session last night or showered in the Plex like a hobo, we see right through you.

1.) “I have no time. NO TIME.”: 
You do. You actually have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just like everyone else on campus. Maybe you have to cut out an hour of your daily Plex workout, maybe you can’t eat dinner with every club/organization you’re a part of, or maybe you need to stop tagging your friends in memes on Facebook and focus on your work. There’s time, trust us (we’re here shittin’ out articles like it ain’t no thang), and there’s an equal amount for everyone!

So if you don’t die within the next week remember your life is not actually the WOAT.

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