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A Guide to the Spookiest Places at Boston College to Go This Weekend

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is concerned as to which sexy animal they’ll dress up as, but what they should be thinking about is how much they’re going to have to drink on Halloweekend to escape from your frightening midterm results. Even though Halloween is supposedly the spookiest time of year, BC has plenty of spots on campus that will certainly freak you out year round.  

Burns Library:
For all of you that aren’t hardos or Irish Catholic fanatics, this is the library right behind Bapst. You see the tall ceilings with the gothic architecture as soon as you walk in, and there is barely any light in the room. Add in the face that this library is only filled with old ass books housed in older-ass creepy rooms, and you’re guaranteed to get some goosebumps. So maybe no one died here, but you know deep down if you died you’d come back to haunt this library. 10/10 haunting spot for dead BC alums. 

The construction site:
Not only do the annoying ass noises of the construction wake students in Walsh and the Mods up, but the construction is sketchy itself. Despite the fact that it’s right next to the graveyard and thus definitely just plowing through a bunch of dead people’s bones, there could be the spirits of 1,000 virgins flying out from the cavity of Edmonds (RIP).

If there was any building at BC that needs to be demolished, it’s definitely this one. First off, this building is ugly af on the outside, and the inside looks like an abandoned asylum with long, creepy winding hallways. Even in the middle of the day it’s just not a place that you want to be, what with the dim lights and the old doors just screaming for a murder. Go here in the middle of the night this Halloween and report back to us how many ghosts you find. 

O’Connell House
This is by far the sketchiest building on campus. Legends say that members of the Liggett family, the former residents in the early 1900s, haunt the house to this day. Confirmed by ghost hunters in the early 2000s, there are three spirits that roam around the house, one of whom is Mr. Liggett’s wife’s lover, who was murdered there. We can only assume, then, that it’s the murdered lover who takes all of the printer paper and steals your laundry out of the dryer after it’s been done for 5 minutes.

Even if none of these places make you jump or pee your pants a little, they definitely still creep you out. 

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