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The Top 5 Boston College Holiday Traditions

Well, shit. Between preparing for finals, going out every weekend, and trying to use up the last of your meal plan money, you’ve totally forgotten about that magical time called “holiday season.” But with the tree lighting this Tuesday, and the end of classes in only a few days, it’s time to start focusing on the things that matter, like peppermint schnapps and getting wrecked for your orgo final. Here are some of the traditions BC likes to celebrate during the most wonderful time of the year.

5.) Strip Mod:
Have you ever wanted to see the pasty-white thighs of senior boys that haven’t seen the sun in months? Well you’re in luck, as one of the greatest holiday traditions of BC is objectifying men in 30-degree weather! Every year during housing selection, it’s a big rush to see who will get the honor of living in the “Strip Mod,” which entails the homeowners to, on the last day of classes, parade around in their briefs and boxers and dance for the entertainment of half the school. But really, what better way to wish the semester adieu than throwing your Eagle ID at six half-naked men?

4.) Sneaking Baileys into the free hot chocolate at the tree lighting:
BC must really be feeling the holiday spirit because Christmas is the one time of year they actually give us things for free. The tree lighting is a great break from finals where you stand around, drink hot chocolate and coffee in freezing temperatures, and watch a tree get lit while you yourself are cold stone sober. Luckily, one of the three gifts the wise men gave to baby Jesus was a nip of Baileys, so use that to your advantage. Nothing’s better than hiding two or three in your Canada Goose and giving a little Christmas bonus to your watery hot chocolate.

3.) Haircuts in ugly Christmas sweaters at a Mod:
We’re not sure why this combination works, but it just does. One of the best ways to celebrate the impending holiday season at BC is to throw on the tackiest sweater you could find at Goodwill, buy a ridiculous amount of peppermint schnapps and chocolate syrup, and get absolutely trashed during finals week in some rando’s mod. Double points if there is whipped cream involved, because if you’re going to get a massive, sugar-induced hangover, you want to make it count. Most students will do this sort of thing at least three times, because just once isn’t enough to teach you a lesson.

2.) Slipping on ice in the Mod lot:
Ooooo, that had to hurt! Really, it isn’t BC holiday season until your favorite pair of jeans suddenly has five new rips in it and you might have broken your tailbone. Why go all the way to the frog pond to ice skate when you can do it for free, right here at BC? But don’t feel bad about wiping out on ice in front of everyone; chances are, they are about to fall on that same patch of frozen water that you just did. And look on the bright side: at least you didn’t kiss marble on the million dollar steps!

1.) Buying your parents bookstore ornaments because you’re broke AF:
Yep, we see right through you; we know you don’t really want that Baldwin, collector’s edition football ornament. And to be honest, your parents don’t really want it, either. But thanks to BC’s jacked tuition and one too many nights at T.I.T.S, you have approximately $0 in the bank. Luckily, however, you are absolutely rolling in Eagle Bucks. Time to stock up on wonderful BC things such as a Gasson printed tea towel, or a plain, red water bottle that costs $50. But it’s the idea that counts, right?

And for all you kids that don’t celebrate Christmas… sorry, we’ve got nothing. BC really pushes the “Christmas” thing, don’t they?

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