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5 Ways BU Has Already Prepared You to Run a Marathon

We know that we don’t have the best track record for saying nice things about BU. But it costs nearly 70k a year to go here and there’s literally a traffic cone cemented in the sidewalk, so can you blame us? However, in the spirit of the holiest of Boston Holidays—Marathon Monday—we decided to reflect on the benefits that come with attending BU. SHS may fail you when you’re actually dying and have a 103 degree fever. But if for whatever reason you decide to run 26.2 miles for fun, then attending BU means that you’ve already been training. Here are the 5 ways BU has already prepared you to run a marathon without you even knowing it:

5.) Sprinting after the BUS:
Many seasoned athletes will tell you that training at various intensities is key to preparing for a marathon. So it’s a good thing that BU’s only free transportation system is a bus more unreliable than your printer when you’ve procrastinated on an assignment. Awkwardly running at full speed to catch the BUS draws no shame. These mythical beasts only appear when you’re just out of walking distance from the stop. Just think though—all of that sprinting will really shave minutes off your time come race day. 

4.) Making FitRec lightyears away from half of BU:
There’s a reason the saying is “it’s not a sprint—it’s a marathon.” 26 miles is a lot of running. Obviously this trek is exactly what the urban planners of BU’s campus kept in mind when they built FitRec as far away as humanly possible from East Campus. If you spend four years at BU,then  you’ll only need to have walked a round trip from East to FitRec 13 times before you’ve covered the same distance as a marathon. Who says BU doesn’t support its students’ health?   

3.) CAS bathrooms that are in worse condition than Port-a-Potties at races:
BU always strives to prepare students for the most realistic and grueling conditions of race day, bathrooms included. On paper, CAS has the advantage of indoor plumbing. But CAS students have made it their personal mission to make using these bathrooms the equivalent to walking into a plastic box with no ventilation. It’s all part of BU’s mission to thoroughly prepare students for race day.

2.) Bananas are one of the few items you can steal from the dining hall:
Many marathoners swear that eating bananas effectively fuels their long workouts. It’s for this very reason that the only food BU students can steal from the dining hall is bananas. When you’re sitting in your dorm at 11p.m. starving because you ran out of dining points, meals, AND guest meals, you can always count on a friend to have stolen this snack.

1.) CrossFit: lugging your backpack up the stairs when the elevators break down:
Premed students always compulsively makes sure you know they’re premed. Similarly, a cross fitter must compulsively tell you about their CrossFit regimen. But here at BU, you’ll find that all students are fellow crossfitters. Consider the number of times you’ve had to lug your backpack up the stairs to the 15th floor of Warren when the elevators break down. This ritual is probably the reason you’ll forever walk with hunched shoulders. But at least your glutes and hammies will be strong on race day.

As you can see, BU takes its students’ health very seriously.  Whether it’s by stuffing you full of bananas or making you sprint after the BUS, BU has ensured that you’re well on their way to being marathon-ready.    

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