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6 Places to Celebrate Yet Another BC Defeat and Advancement to the Beanpot Finals

BU has 30 Beanpot titles and is currently ranked third in all of the NCAA – the highest ranking of any college in Boston. After a killer win last night, you probably feel like celebrating and conducting a weekday sacrifice of your liver in honor of the hype. Frankly, you should just start pregaming for the finals now so you’ll be nice and inebriated come game time next Monday. We took the liberty of ranking six locations for you, from downright depressing to over the top, so you can be extra hype and rip-roaringly drunk for the finals come Monday.

6.) An MIT Frat on Bay State Road:
MIT doesn’t have a hockey team in the Beanpot, or even a non-club hockey team whatsoever, so this is just a typical Tuesday night. You might be able to milk some excitement out of the residual Pats Super Bowl stoke, but you are most likely to find these frat bros playing pool in a well-lit living room that everyone can see from the street, engaging in salient activities. Your best bet to get things rolling is to shout out philosophical questions into an abyss and see if you get any bites.

5.) Boston College:
BU has already won every single game against BC in 2017, but that doesn’t mean Boston College kids will be any less sad after last night’s game, especially with the crippling reminder that they still go to BC. Sneak onto campus to enjoy watching them drink their sorrows, you sadist. Have no shame in mooching off of their sad-drinking, and join in on the anti-festivities as they cry into their beverages – consider it free salt to accompany cheap shots of tequila! Don’t worry too much about consoling them; you can just masquerade as the extremely drunk, loud kid that nobody knows and make your grand exit by streaking naked through Chestnut Hills screaming “BC SUCKS!”

4.) A Secret Society at Harvard:
The allure of secret social societies (aka cults) over at Hahhhvahd is well known to onlookers who long to infiltrate an obscure organization that prides itself in exclusivity! The secret to gaining entry is to get extremely drunk, dress up like the ghost of John Harvard, and tell them you definitely don’t go to BU. Bonus points if you can find a room full of hockey players and sabotage them psychologically with the BU fight song while they sleep. Hooray for sportsmanship!

3.) Warren Towers:
Why go out when you can stay in and get totally wasted mere feet from the room of your RA? Live dangerously and tempt fate by making lots of loud noise, showing off your all-bass mixtape, and dancing butt-naked in the rooms of the other towers just for kicks and giggles.

2.) A Dingy Apartment in Rat City:
You were planning on going here anyways, weren’t you? If you’re going to get tetanus from a rusty nail, you might as well do it drunk as a sailor, so go nuts. Time this turn up for the weekend, when you will have plenty of time to figure out how to get home from Packard’s Corner without worrying about class the next day. Saturdays are for the boys getting your brand-new fracket coated in flavored vodka anyways, right?

1.) The Parking Lot of TD Garden:
You REALLY love hockey, don’t you? Somehow, you made it through six days of nonstop alcohol all so you could see BU totally destroy in the finals while being completely destroyed yourself. You don’t have to wait in line very long before the game starts because you will have been roaming aimlessly around the area for almost 36 hours, and you won’t need to smuggle alcohol into the venue since you are basically a living booze vessel with 99% blood alcohol content. Major win!


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