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The First 6 Things Transfer Students Notice About BU

Coming to BU freshman year is one thing but as a transfer from another college, you tend to recognize all the little idiosyncrasies that make the school unique. You’re not blinded by the #CollegeNoParents of it all, but instead start to pick up things like “oh people really like Dunkin’ here” and “Hmm people sure do honk and cuss a whole f***in’ lot.” So for all you BU students who’ve been otherwise inundated by all things BU and might not notice all the fun little details, here are some things that stand out to all us transfer students. 

6.) Boston accents are real:
Yes, it’s true. The hallmark “Boston accent” is an actual thing and not just reserved for SNL impressions of Mark Wahlberg. This may come as a surprise for us transfer students arriving from the far-flung corners of the United States, but the Boston accent is wicked real. Pissah. 

5.) Acronyms. Acronyms everywhere:
Are you in CAS or CFA? Want to grab food at the GSU? Do you have a class in COM? Why do people refer to the business school as both Questrom and SMG? What does SMG stand for? What do any of these abbreviations mean? Why is LS the acronym for Spanish? WHY? Does it stand for Language Studies? No, it doesn’t. We checked . It just stands for Spanish.

4.) There are, like, 400 colleges in this city:
Boston University is just one of many, many, many colleges and universities found in this great city. There are 34 non-BU colleges in Boston proper, and unless President Brown fulfills his seemingly lifelong goal to absorb every small college found in Boston, then that’s not likely to change.

3.) …But Boston College is NOT one of them:
BC is squarely located in the village of Chestnut Hill. You know, the village of Chestnut Hill that is no way incorporated into the municipal district of the city of Boston. That Chestnut Hill.

2.) West Campus might be permanently “under construction”:
Is that the same sidewalk construction you saw at Transfer Orientation way back in July? Or is that different sidewalk construction? Either way, you’ve taken to giving the traffic cones nicknames and will likely be posing with them by the time you graduate.

1.) You’re happy to BU:
Yes, the first couple weeks might be confusing. It’s tough to start all over again in a new place, and looking like a ~Total Freshman~ while you’re wandering around the dining hall, plate in hand, looking for the dish conveyor belt definitely doesn’t help. Actually, it’s fucking humiliating. But give it time to find your people and your place (*cough* we highly recommend writing for The Black Sheep *cough*) and you’ll be happy to call Boston University home.

So if you meet a transfer student in the next week or so, maybe looking frantic at a crosswalk and walking into a CFA class they thought was a CAS class, just put an arm around them and lead them in the right direction. We’re all happy to BU, and as any scholar of the Animorphs series will tell you, transforming from a Tiger or a Gamecock to a Terrier can take time. 

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