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The 7 Hottest BU-Inspired Pickup Lines

Wherever we go, our location inspires us to concoct brand-new, 100% original pickup lines. “Are you from Ecuador? Because you have the Quito my heart.” “Are you German? Cause you’re a Nein and I’m the one Ja need.” “Having you in my life is like a Swiss flag. It’s a big plus.” These lines are just a few of the beautiful, location-derived hot takes that one can concoct.

So what about BU’s? What are the sexiest pickup lines our very own Terriers have produced? Here are seven of the hottest BU-inspiRed pickup lines we could come up with. 

7.) “Hey baby, couldn’t help but notice you. You stand out more than the CFA cone.”
Bringing in them current events is always a great way to please the ladies. You slide in with that clever pickup line and show off your knowledge of present-day topics.

6.) “Are you a member of the BU Sailing Club? ‘Cause you got me at full mast.”
A little on the dirtier side, but it remains tasteful nonetheless. Ladies love a smooth sailor.

5.) “Are you Warren Towers? ‘Cause I want to put a ton of kids in you.”
Straightforward and to the point, this one is generally a crowd-pleaser with freshmen.

4.) “Are you a single in Towers? ‘Cause I want you all to myself.”
Casually turns your socially isolated lifestyle into a wicked-sharp love quip.

3.) “Are you the BU football team? ‘Cause you are just unreal.”
Sucks to suck, Terrier football fans, sucks to suck. Which is hopefully what ya girl will be doing after you dish out this sexy verse.

2.) “You make my heart soar higher than the cost of our tuition.”
Pretty cliché, but it remains a go-to. But we warn you: this one may not have an effect on boujee-ass StuVi residents.

1.) “Baby, you are freaking BU-tiful.”
Please direct all hurled tomatoes at our editor-in-chief, who insisted that we include a child-friendly line involving the school acronym.

Hopefully these BU-inspired pickup lines will land you all the tiptop Terrier ladies. For extra effect, try some of them out next week on Marathon Monday! That way, the object of your advances will be too sloshed to discern how truly f***ing awful these pickup lines are.

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