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Brave! BU Girl Wears BC Hat to Allston Frat Party, Still Gets In

ALLSTON, MASSACHUSETTS—Many (supposedly wonderful) characteristics make Boston University stand out as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. However, two things that it has never claimed to have is amazing frat parties or a spectacular Greek life.

Upon admission, most students accept with full awareness that BU isn’t a stereotypical party school. Nonetheless, BU is still an institute of higher education. Therefore, there’s one thing that it’s determined to do: ensure that bright young adults gain a state of crippling stress so severe that “social” drinking every weekend becomes the standard coping mechanism.

Fortunately for these students, Greek life has become an industry leader in providing sticky bathrooms and dark, uncomfortably hot basements for students to flesh out these coping mechanisms. Unfortunately for BU frats, BU’s urban campus means that they have some stiff competition to uphold the stellar name of college frats nationwide.

Boston features countless nightlife attractions for students to enjoy. It also contains at least three other major college campuses with their own frats, including Harvard and MIT. Despite these amenities, BU student Katie Smith (COM ’20) decided to spend last Friday night at a frat party in Allston. She approached the doors of Beta Omega Iota wearing the most provocative thing any BU student could ever wear—a Boston College hat. The frat brothers still let her in.

For as long as anyone can remember, BU and BC have been arch nemeses. Therefore, it was a surprise for everyone at Beta Omega Iota to see that Ms. Smith was blatantly sporting BC apparel that night at the party.

The Black Sheep found a group of Beta Omega Iota members in their native school day habitat in the basement of Mugar Library. We asked Chad King (QST ’19) what made his frat let Smith in despite such a blatant display of support for BU’s rival school.

“I think our girl to guy ratio was only, like, 95:1. So yeah, we figured that we should probably let a few more girls in. Just in case, you know?”

Sean Davis (QST ’18), who is also a member of Beta Omega Iota, was a little more defensive of their actions.

“Was anyone sober enough to recognize what kind of hat she was wearing? I know I wasn’t. But if it really happened, then it’s something that we needed to do,” said Davis. “We’re losing all the BU girls to Harvard and MIT. So we told the freshmen on door duty to let in any girls who show up no matter what. School identity didn’t matter. Our Greek life sucks enough as it is.”

In an attempt to explain her actions, Smith stated that she was pregaming “pretty hard” with her roommate because she had just bombed her last stats exam. “Now that I’m thinking about it, though, I do have a BC hat,” she continued. “One of my friends from high school left it at my apartment when she came to visit me. I guess slightly tipsy me didn’t even notice. Whoops! I wonder why no one at the party mentioned it until now.”

Jared Nelson (ENG ’20) was refused admittance to Beta Omega Iota that night when he went out with Smith and his girlfriend Marissa Parker (SHA ’20). He refused to respond to requests for comment.

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