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Boston University

A Brutally Honest Campus Map of Boston University

A short while ago, in a galaxy really close by because it was this galaxy, The Black Sheep staff got hopelessly lost in BU’s thick urban jungle of a campus. After realizing that all of our cell phones were dead and having our desperate cries of “excuse me!” ignored by passersby, we decided, as a last resort, to consult the campus map of Boston University.

But here’s the thing. The ancient mariner’s tool turned out to be totally useless. Seriously, we were just trying to find a good place to procrastinate writing next week’s articles. So we looked on the map and found the “College of Arts and Sciences.” Alright, cool, we thought. Sounds like a nice place to hit the books. Right? NOPE. What we found instead was a ridiculously overcrowded building full of psych majors who’ve lost their way in life.

We decided that people need a campus map that tells the truth about this place. Hence we’ve worked closely with BU’s finest cartologists to develop a map which we feel tells the real truth about our campus. Enjoy!

In times like these, the world needs nothing but good old-fashioned candor. We guarantee that this map will meet all your navigational needs. But hey, if you’re somehow not satisfied with it, we gotchu bruh! We’ve included a program which will allow you to add/subtract/edit locations on the map to suit your own needs—hit up to get started. Happy cartographing!

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