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East Campus Residents Scurry Away to Isolated Dwellings for Winter Hibernation

EAST CAMPUS—As temperatures finally begin to drop to season-appropriate levels, BU East Campus residents are starting to prepare for a long and frigid winter of finally having a legitimate excuse to not leave their dorms for anything other than class.

“The minute it starts to get cold out, I get this sudden inclination to start leaving my friends on read when they ask me to go out,” said sophomore Lauren Smith, curled up in a blanket on her bed with Netflix and hot chocolate in tow. “I even start rethinking my plans to eat in the dining hall. Bay State is just too far. Maybe I’ll stock up on Late Nite crispy chicken wraps so I don’t even have to leave my room to eat. At least not for a solid week or two.”

When asked about her social life during the warmer months of the year, Smith answered that she does leave her room during those times, but only after lots of coaxing from her friends.

“They usually manage to goad me into spending a weekend or two hitting up the MIT frats in the first few weeks of the semester. That’s kinda fun sometimes, and I do appreciate that they think of me. But not gonna lie—the faster winter gets here, the better.”

Smith’s friend, sophomore Alex Brown, reported that he and the rest of her friend group is completely understanding of Lauren’s hibernation habits.

“Lauren usually answers the group chat, even when we’re making plans that don’t involve staying in. So if she doesn’t answer for two days AND it’s been below 45 degrees lately, then we know what’s up and it’s all good,” he explained as he ordered enough Domino’s to last the entire upcoming weekend. “I don’t blame her, though. Some of my other friends live in West, and I have no idea how they have the stamina to go out every weekend, especially when it starts getting into the 30s. That’s some real shit.”

“Despite hardly mentioning it, we’ve all just mutually agreed that when it starts getting cold out, we’re not stepping foot outside our rooms,” laughed Smith and Brown’s friend, junior Emma Thompson. “Lauren is the most likely out of all of us to binge watch an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy in one weekend. So if she mentions doing something like that, then we all take that as a cue to start prepping for our squad not making any real plans for the six to nine months a Boston winter lasts.”

Smith has begun her seasonal hibernation by deliberately choosing to not have any plans for Halloween.

“It really sucks that Halloween is on a Tuesday this year,” said Smith. “I mean, not that I would’ve done anything for Halloween if it was on a Friday or Saturday, but you know. It sucks for the BU students who aren’t currently shifting into hibernation mode.”

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