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6 BU Student Life Surveys that People Would Actually Take

Sharing your Qualtrics survey in every BU Facebook group begging for total strangers to take it so that you can pass your 200-level stats class seems to be all the rage these days. But how many of these five to seven-minute surveys genuinely interested you? (Not counting the $100 Amazon gift card bribes, of course). Before you logout of Facebook again in an attempt to pay attention in Psych 101, take five minutes to think about how useful it would be for BU students to take these surveys.

6.) BU Dining Hell:
To all the F.U.C.K.E.D. (Fed-Up College Kids Eating at the D-hall) BU students out there, this survey is for you. If you can’t stand to force another piece of rotisserie chicken into your stomach (other names include oven-roasted chicken, lemon herb chicken…let’s face it, they’re all essentially the same), then now is the time to voice your opinion on how to add more seasoning to the food that’s apparently part of “one of the finest college dining programs in the country.” This survey will only take a short 58 minutes to complete, so unless you want to keep living off of those 45 bananas you “discreetly” stuff into your backpack each time you visit the dining hall, take this survey. Bonus: you’ll be entered in a contest to win an extra meal added to your dining plan.

5.) Raising the Bar…Scene:
If you’re going to get blitzed every weekend to cope with the incessant amount of stress and student debt that are constantly looming over your head, then you might as well have a decent spot to do it at. If you cannot beer to deal with the mediocre service at T’s Pub anymore, or you’ve had enough of waiting in those endless lines outside of TITS on Thirsty Thursday, then feel free to take a shot of vodka and pour your drunken self out into filling out this survey. You want the bar scene to be perfect for when you grind on sweaty strangers at some random frat in Allston and then pass out two hours later.

4.) It’s a Party with Fratatouille:
What do you get when you combine eager freshmen, a generous helping of jungle juice, and unbearably loud EDM all stewed in the sweat and grunge of Rat City on a Friday night? A Fratatouille. Sure, these frat parties may not compare to the neighboring frats that are just around the riverbend (hello Harvard and MIT) or way down the Green Line at Chestnut Hill College, but that’s enough for us to create a survey for you to take on how to spruce up the frat parties here at BU. The survey will only take about five minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to plan out which sports jersey and which pair of Converse to completely destroy on your next outing to a BU frat party. Your party-ticipation is greatly appreciated—we’d love for you to help keep people crawling back to Allston.

3.) E.P.I.C.: The Effects of Procrastination in College:
Calling all 18 to 24-year old college students who love to wait till Sunday night at 11 p.m. to bust out a 10-page philosophy paper due on Monday! We’re a group of sleep-deprived, caffeine-loving grad students conducting a study on procrastination at BU. Your opinions on and experiences with procrastinating on papers and problem sets will give us valuable feedback on why BU students choose to turn up on a Tuesday to belt out an awful rendition of some millennial bop during karaoke at T’s Pub instead of starting their Comp Sci 111 problem set that is due in three hours. This survey will take less than two minutes to complete, but if you want to spend two hours calculating the lowest score you can get on tomorrow’s calc midterm to still pass the class, then by all means feel free to do that first.

2.) It’s Going Down and We’re Yelling Tinder:
When nothing’s going right, you swipe left. Why though? Is it because of the excessive use of the Snapchat dog filter that you find on every girl’s profile? Or is it because every dude only seems to be into cars, booze, and showing off his “Saturdays Are for the Boys” posters? Whether Chad is looking for “something casual” or not, we’ve hooked you up with this awesome 12-minute survey to take so you can go off on why you hate decoding group pics (which one is Jessica?) and turning down unwanted dick pics. Feel free to swipe left on the questions that you prefer not to answer. Your honest feedback should not be left out, so seriously: make the right choice and take this survey.

1.) The Rise of Tuition. Literally:
Say no to digging yourself further back into the black hole of student loans and never-ending debt. This survey will give you the opportunity to tell President Brown just how pissed you are about that annual 3.4 percent tuition increase. After all, you don’t pay $70k+ and your soul to work your ass off just to end up failing Chem 101. Where does the money even go, anyway? As incentive for you to complete this survey, we’ll throw in a chance for you to win $5 in cash that will go toward paying next semester’s tuition. You’re welcome.

The next time you’re scrolling through those Facebook posts bribing you to take yet another Qualtrics survey, ask yourself this: are those questions regarding your TV show preferences going to help improve your life at BU? Hell no. But will a survey on improving the lackluster bar scene help to jazz up the student life here? Of course! Someone get to creating these surveys ASAP.

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