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7 Things at BU You’re Definitely Wasting Your Tuition On

If there’s one thing that unites all BU students, it’s the astronomical, ulcer-inducing amount of money that we pay to go here. With BU tuition alone costing students around $67k/year, you would expect this university to be nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, it’s BU that we’re talking about. So even as the already costly tuition rises, the conditions of BU have us scratching our head and wondering: where is all of our money going?

7.) Broken elevators:
Nothing says $67,000/year like coming home from a long day of classes and realizing that you have to walk up 10 flights of stairs to your cell—sorry, room—in Warren! On the bright side, climbing the stairs once a month when the elevators break down is practically the same thing as making the trek to FitRec. You can almost convince yourself that you’re shedding the Freshman Fifteen that you gained when you walked down to Late Night every night last week at 1 a.m. to stress-eat crispy chicken wraps.

6.) Less-than-stellar dining hall food:
Speaking of stress eating, you’re probably not doing much of it during normal operating hours at any of BU’s three main dining halls. With the average dining plan ringing in at around $5,000 per person, students are paying top dollar to have Lucky Charms for diner for a 5th night in a row. Why? The suspicious x meat/dry rice combo at Bay State lost its appeal one month into freshman year. When you do decide to eat a solid meal for the first time in a week, get ready to take your chances on chicken that is definitely undercooked. Plus, if you’re feeling “healthy,” vegetables that are swimming in oil are a great side choice.

5.) The slow-as-hell BUS:
One way that BU justifies its high price tag is the promise of a quality education through rigorous classes that prepare students for their future. That all sounds fine and dandy if you could ACTUALLY MAKE IT TO YOUR CLASSES. The slow hiss of the BU shuttle pulling away, taking with it your last hope of making it to your next class in CGS on time, is all too familiar.

You could take your chances and wait for the next shuttle to arrive—BU does claim to own more than one. But you’ll probably get to class faster if you just walk, to be honest. What do you think this place is, pal? An academic institution that makes over a hundred million bucks a year that also has a functional transportation system?

4.) Let’s be real here, CGS:
If the academic rigors of BU ever give you stress, then you can always count on a good ole CGS roast to lift your spirits. Just hop on Facebook and scroll down the BU meme group feed for a minute or two.

Since the dawn of time, CGS students have become BU’s favorite punching bag thanks to their supposed intellectual inferiority and for somehow slipping through the discerning fingers of the BU Admissions office. But could they have been playing us the entire time? Because while we’ve been treated to the occasional chuckle in the form of mediocre memes about CGS, our tuition continues to find the professors and programs of this elementary school disguised as a college. Well played CGS… well played.

3.) The lighting in Hojo:
While most students don’t expect to live in a palace during their college years, the decorative choices of this prison-esque dormitory set the standards for BU residencies pretty low. If the designers of this former hotel were aiming for something straight out of The Shining, then mission accomplished. You can definitely sense the troubled spirits of past Hojo residents as the lights flicker on and off in front of your room.

2.) Grade deflation:
Not only is going to BU more expensive than both MIT and Harvard, but now we get to have worse grades, too! BU claims to have no such policy towards students. However, does that really make you feel any better when you’re applying to grad schools with your 3.4 GPA that you barely scraped by with? We guess that in this instance BU is actually saving you money. You don’t have to pay for grad schools that you won’t get into. 

1.) Pricey Canada Goose jackets:
We often experience weather so miserable that we actually start to see reason in people who spend 900 bucks on trendy winter coats. “They must be super warm to justify that kind of price,” you think as you slowly lose feeling in all of your limbs while walking to class. You didn’t pay for this shit. But actually…you kinda sorta did. It takes a lot of manpower to keep the sidewalks clear and classes running during blizzard-like conditions. It’s not like you could really use a snow day to catch up on all the studying you’re behind on or anything. In retrospect, you definitely should’ve applied to more schools in California.

For all of the money that you spend to attend this “accredited” university, BU is still lacking in many categories that count. Maybe with the next 3.4% increase in tuition, BU will finally get around to fixing these problems. But hey, if not, then it’s only four years before you have to start paying off your crippling student loans, right?

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