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BU’s 7 Sexiest Alumni


According to BuzzFeed News (2013), Boston University is one of the sexiest and smartest colleges in the country, and with many beautiful faces and engaging classes, it’s easy to see why. Just HOW sexy are the students at BU? For a more retrospective look, we ranked BU’s 7 sexiest alumni, from hubba hubba to full on YOWZA. 


7.) Andy Cohen:

Image courtesy Bravo TV.

Who doesn’t love a good network TV executive? While Andy may not have that Jack Donaghy allure, his chipper smile and ability to capture the attention of America with reality television is impossible to deny. 


6.) Julianne Moore:

Image courtesy Reuters/Fred Thornhill.

Julianne Moore has won just about every acting award under the sun, and rightfully so; she is well known for her work in leading dramatic roles. With extensive critical acclaim and possession the eyes and hearts of the film-watching world, she easily lands in the top 7. 


5.) Howard Stern:

Let’s face it – he has a great face for radio and long, luscious curly locks. How could you say no to the man who was fined $2.5 million dollars by the FCC over 14 years and is the “King of All Media?”


4.) Marissa Tomei:


Would you look at that: TWO Academy Award winners are on the list! A career spanning three decades in films grossing hundreds of millions of dollars is sure to get the butterflies fluttering, but what really brings it home is her minor role as a love interest of our #2 sexiest alumni in Seinfeld.


3.) Martin Luther King Jr.: 

Image Courtesy The Seattle Times

Nothing turns a BU student on more than civil rights activism and social progress. MLK Jr. is undeniably the most revered, and honored alumnus at Boston University; all that exposure and reverence is impossible to turn down.


2.) Jason Alexander:


He may not have officially “graduated” from BU, having left after three years to pursue work in New York, but this is GEORGE FLIPFLOPPING COSTANZA. Even if you have only seen one episode of Seinfeld, you know that George ALWAYS has the best luck with the ladies and can’t fend them off. If it weren’t for the sexiness of our #1 pick, he would have easily topped the list. 


1.) Bionic Pancreas:

Image Courtesy Aaron Krumins, Extreme Tech

Automated blood glucose control is sooooo hot! Even thinking about a pancreas that can automatically make decisions about insulin and glucagon dosing should be outlawed in public. It is just too sexy. 



Speaking of beautiful people, why are sorority girls so addicted to Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Let’s have a look: 


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