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If Every BU College Wrote Their Own Personal Haiku

O Calliope, muse of poetry! Despite what the weather might suggest, spring is officially here, and everything is becoming bearable once again. Along with this floral bloom and (hopefully) warming temperatures, students are starting to appreciate love and beauty as the end of the year approaches, most notably through the use of poetry. But because most students don’t have the time or brain capacity to write a long, rhyme-y poem, many have resorted to using the Haiku form (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) to express themselves. When The Black Sheep asked them  to write a haiku describing their college of study, we received hundreds of entries. Here were our favorites:


Walking down the halls,

pumped my building has lockers

I peaked in high school

The blatant honesty of the words made this haiku truly stand out. Oh, and we’ve met the poet. They most definitely peaked in high school.


Spot me from the crowd,

awaiting unemployment,

with laptop stickers

We all know stickers equate to lameness, but to COMers, it’s the other way around. More jobs for the rest of us, then!


I don’t sleep a lot,

or go to many parties,

But robots are cool

Yes, ENG, robots are cool. But what’s not is how much more money you’ll make than the rest of the student body post-grad.


All the world’s a stage

Including this open mic

Snaps because I tried!

You wrote a three-line poem and one of the lines wasn’t even original. No snaps for you!


Writing a haiku

Hope it makes sense to people


We’re proud of this CGS shining star for even knowing the capital of the Ottoman Empire. So…well done?


Quinoa, Carrot, Kale,

orange juice, yogurt, wheatgrass

Smoothies are my life

Trust us, we love a good vitamix concoction. But wheatgrass sounds unappetizing af. What are we, cows? We’ll pass, thank you very much.


What do I study?

You know, that’s a good question

I have no damn clue

The haiku is the ideal poetic medium for simple emotional transparency, and this one symbolizes it beautifully. And yes, you should feel bad for them.


Being cold blooded

helps me survive the winter

And the cigs help too

Until this poem, we had no clue snakes could even write a haiku, let alone even know what a syllable was. Evolution for the win!


My parents are sad

that I am studying how

to play patty-cake

Other skills on this student’s resume were “fluent in ABCs” and “duck duck goose certified.” Oy. Sorry, mom and dad.


Knock knock knock knock knock

Did you call for housekeeping?

I’ll come back later

The artful use of repetition in the first line really gets the reader into the mind of a SHA student, and it’s beautiful. Charge this haiku to the room!


You may not know it,

but I was born with a huge

stick up my booty

Sometimes poets use their work to reveal something deeply personal about themselves. While we might have a ton of follow up questions, we’ll just keep quiet and congratulate this strong Kilachandite for their courage.

Ah, thirty riveting lines of syllabled poetry from the members of our diverse student body. These moments help us realize art’s purpose in our community, and we can only hope that the momentum grows from here. You hear that, artistic haters? Haikus can change the world!

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