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Get FitRek’d: A Workout Guide to BU’s Campus

If you live anywhere east of the BU Bridge, getting to FitRec is a trek, and you’ll probably love your motivation by the time you get to the weight room. Even if you live in West campus, where you could probably spit out your window and have it land on the roof of the monstrosity BU calls a gym, getting up and at ‘em can be harder than it seems,and sometimes you want someone other than BU’s Sweatiest Man to stare down on a treadmill. We put in all the effort for you can scouted the best new workout spots all over campus, and filmed it so our humiliation can live forever on the internet.

5.) BU Beach:

This grassy, dirty lump is perfect for core work and yoga! Stretch out your neck by trying to figure out what the heck that sculpture is supposed to be, and hang from a tree to elongate those muscles. Do log rolls up and down the hill to activate your abs, but be careful not to roll into Storrow at risk of activating your health insurance plan. This circuit is especially fun if you want to replicate the feeling you get post-Thirsty Thursday on any day of the week!

4.) Kilachand Hall:

Werk those quads, baby! Sprint up nine flights of stairs to get your heart really racing and cover every single leg day for the next four score and seven years. Feeling light headed? That’s your will to live attempting to float out of your body through your ear canals. Give it the extra boost it needs to escape you forever by taking the elevator down to the basement, where you are now sentenced to exist with other pseudo gym rats for the rest of eternity.

3.) Commonwealth Avenue (Any Intersection):

Take your recklessness to a new level and turn jay-walking into jay-sprinting! Wait until the last possible minute before choosing to cross the street in front of several oncoming cars. If you time it right, you can add the super fun element of intersecting trains on the B-line, and for agility, make sure you hurdle over an oncoming cyclist. The rewards of this workout are two-fold: The adrenaline of nearly colliding with a 2 ton object will further elevate your heart rate, and if you actually get slammed by a bus, you won’t have to work out for at least a few days!


2.) West Campus:


Fire up your two-pack abs by shooting upright in bed when you realize that it is 7:50 am on a Tuesday and you have an Intro to Business presentation at 8 am in Questrom. Keep your body moving by frantically buttoning your jacket and running hazardously fast down the sidewalk to catch a – surprise! – out of service BU Bus as it rolls past Armory St.

1.) Bay State Road:


Cruise on over to east campus and plank between two brownstones on Bay State Rd.

Note: This image has been digitally altered and is not an accurate depiction of safe exercise practices. We are not responsible for death or any defenestration citations you may incur during this workout.

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