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A Judgmental Map of Boston University’s Campus

Whether you’ve been here for only a few weeks or 4 years, there are certain places on campus that you know not by their address but by their reputation. For your convenience (and in case you get lost), we’ve created a map of some of the most notorious places on Comm Ave, and we have the lowdown on a few favorites below. Is it judgmental? Probably. Is it accurate? You betcha.

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Home to frat parties and a madhouse of free, worn-out Ikea furniture in September, Allston hold a special place in the hearts of anyone who has ever Ubered back to campus at 2 am on a Friday night. It’s a rite of passage to attend at least one rager here, and you might even end up living here if you can’t get pulled in to StuVi by your senior year. 

It’s probably the nicest gym fitness masterpiece you’ve ever been inside, and if you time it right, FitRec is a glorious experience. Come at peak hours, though, and be prepared to be the recipient of several death stares should you choose to do more than one rep on a piece of equipment. It can be one sweaty jungle out there. 

BU Beach:
Don’t even think about bringing your bikini here. If you close your eyes, the cars may sound like the ocean, but fully clothed people come here to study, not to swim. Be extra careful if visiting in the morning or late night, because you will get soaked by sprinklers and wet grass. 

Bay State Road:
They don’t call it Bae State for no reason. Beautiful brownstones and the best dining hall on campus are just a few features of this one way road, but with a mile to FitRec and beyond, the likelihood you can keep off the Freshman 15 (or the 15 in any year) is slim to none. 

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