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The 5 Best Places to Have a Mental Breakdown in Mugar Library

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — a time of first snowfalls, presents, and cookies out the wazoo. In the meantime, it’s also finals season, and Mugar goes into 24-hour-study-binge next Tuesday. ‘Tis the season to have a mental breakdown, so we found all the best spots to do it!

5.) The Listening Room on the 2nd Floor of Mugar:

No one can hear your existential crisis in this listening room, because you can drown it out with the sound of 1960s rock or 1460s classical. Surely there will be something in their collection that will match your mood, which is currently as unpredictable as the BUS. Sadly, the music library still has limited hours during finals, so you will have to schedule your mental breakdown between the hours of 8:30 and 9 p.m. most days of the week.

4.) The Astronomy Library:

Running out of reasons to scream incessantly about the high expectations set upon you systematically over 2 decades by your loved ones and yourself? Just head to the astronomy library to remind yourself that you no longer get told to reach for the stars and that any hopes of saving your grades at this point live in a universe far, far away.

3.) The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center:

You’ve questioned your aspirations so many times that you are a historic case of finals-induced insanity. Go ahead and file yourself amongst stacks upon stacks of academic journals that your professor probably mentioned one time in class and will definitely be featured on an obscure free-response question. If you make enough of a scene, you may be covered in plastic and preserved as an exhibition – what a great way to avoid submitting that paper you’ve been procrastinating on!

2.) Pickering Educational Resources Library:

It’s highly likely that at this point, you’ve broken down so many times you don’t know where they hell you are until you find yourself in a completely different library, and are no longer an actual human but  just a pile of Legos and miscellaneous parts. Fit right in at the education library in SED by hiding near the children’s book section and masquerading as a forgotten set of hard, colorful plastic building blocks. But keep in mind that when you get stepped on, the person doing the stepping won’t be the one in pain.

1.) The IT Help Center @ Mugar:

If you, like us, are a sentient android having difficulties computing the brevity of your existence and the complexities of time, the IT Help Center is a great place to have a mental breakdown! The people working there already have to deal with students who can’t connect to printers minutes before class on a daily basis, so they are more than prepared for some little identity crisis or complete system shut down. Just be careful around the tears of human students, or you run risk of losing all functionality in your speakers or the headphone jacks built into the side of your head.

In the event that these suggestions just aren’t cutting it for you, the sounds of a Boeing 747 are sure to dampen your piercing screeches into the abyss on the tarmac of Logan airport. Plus, you’re practically guaranteed not to miss your flight.

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