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Privileged BU Student Triggered by Hasan Minhaj’s Closing Discourse on Refugees

As part of its Weeks of Welcome 2017 event series, Boston University invited comedian Hasan Minhaj, senior correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, to host a comedy show for BU students on the evening of Friday, September 8th. Although his performance received much admiration and approval, several students felt irritated to have heard political commentary from a comedian who specializes in political satire for a living.

“I’m a guy who likes to laugh, not a guy who likes listening to people try to push their political agenda on me,” said student Matt Miller, who frequently shared anti-Hillary Clinton fake news articles on his Facebook page throughout the latest election cycle. “I was just expecting some jokes about him being Indian and stuff. We don’t need a lecture about how we need to save the refugees… some of us have uninformed I mean DIFFERENT opinions about it. I don’t appreciate a guy using statistics and reasoned logic to try to lessen the fears he thinks I have.”

When asked if he knew anything about Minhaj’s comedic background before he attended the show, Miller scoffed.

“No, I had no idea he performed at the 2017 White House Correspondents’ Dinner,” said Miller with frustration. “I don’t keep track of that stuff because I don’t want the mainstream media to misinform me. I just wanted a simple night laughing at simple jokes. If I had known that night was going to make me feel attacked about my status as a relatively well-off white American man, then I would’ve stayed in my StuVi apartment drinking Jack with the boys like I had originally planned to do.”

Miller’s friend and rumored occasional hookup buddy, Jenna Williams, attended the show with Miller and felt similarly about the political tone of Minhaj’s routine.

“I originally went because I was looking forward to watching a cute guy make self-deprecating jokes about his race,” said Williams. “But why all the talk about refugees? And, like, why try to hammer facts into our brains? Not all facts are true, you know. What’s more important is how we Americans who are already here would be affected. If refugees come sailing up the Pacific Ocean to my family’s summer home in the Hamptons, then I’m sorry, but we won’t have any room for them.”

Miller feels thankful that this year is his last year at Boston University and that he won’t have to endure the constant threat of liberalism looming over his self-described “free-thinking patriot” persona.

“I thought BU students were bad, but I guess the BU administration has a liberal agenda too,” mused Miller, somehow still surprised to find himself surrounded by liberal students at a university in New England. “I’m definitely moving back to Chi-Town after graduation. If I had attended Northwestern just like everyone else in my family did, then maybe I wouldn’t have had to deal with choosing to see comedians like Hasan.”

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