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Student at GSU Booth Withstands Record 15 Passive-Aggressive Stares

BOSTON UNIVERSITY — On April 10, 2018 BU student Amanda Murphy (ENG ’21) broke the record for most number of aggressive stares withstood while unnecessarily occupying a GSU booth. She received no less than 15 aggressive stares while studying alone in a booth that could easily fit four or more people.

Murphy doesn’t recall anything out of the ordinary happening on that fateful day. She said that it was just like any other day.

“I got up at seven, popped a bagel in the toaster at Bay State, forgot about it for 20 minutes so nobody else could heat up their breakfast, and then went to class. Then I reminded my professor that he forgot to hand out the homework he assigned to us for that day.”

“‘After my classes ended, I didn’t really want to go to the dining hall. So I went to the GSU around dinnertime. I happened to see a group of people who just finished eating, so I snagged their booth. I had a cup of soup for dinner, which I finished up pretty quickly,” Murphy said. “Then I decided to study for one of my exams afterward. I just hate studying in Mugar or any other spaces that are actually made for studying. I must’ve been in that booth for at least six hours!”

During this time, Murphy received the record 15 aggressive stares from fellow students who were trying to find a table. Ryan Williams (CAS ’19) was at the scene in a nearby table that hosted 25 people due to lack of space.

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“It was amazing. You’d see people rush over to where she was sitting, thinking that they’d miraculously found an empty booth during the dinner rush, only for their shoulders to slump as they realize there’s someone in it. And then that person would see Amanda not even eating—just studying—and that was when the annoyed glares started. It happened 15 times and she didn’t even flinch. I don’t think I’d be strong enough to withstand that kind of social pressure.”

Jeremy Moore (CAS ‘14), the previous record holder, couldn’t help but feel impressed with the young freshman.

“Back in my day, I could ignore five, maybe six aggressive stares before I felt awkward and left to study at Mugar. But 15? Wow, that’s takes real obliviousness. She’s a natural talent.” Moore said. 

Murphy’s story has even caught the attention of the higher-ups at BU, such as Dean Morrison. She remarked on Murphy’s commitment to her education despite facing adversity in the form of annoyed stares from her peers.

“Perseverance and excellence are two of BU’s most prized principles. I see a bright future for this young engineer, and now I know it was the right decision to approve those plans to finally demolish COM and put in a second CILSE right next to the first. Students like Murphy are our future!”

Meanwhile, we caught up with Kevin Smith (SED 18’). Unfortunately, he had to sit at that sad, weirdly oblong table in the Link for dinner that day.

 “Good for her, I guess. But it’d be nice to not have to play musical chairs every time I want to eat lunch or dinner at a normal hour. Is that too much to ask?”


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