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Student Evicted from StuVi 2 After Refusing to Display Empty Liquor Bottles on Windowsill

WEST CAMPUS, BOSTON UNIVERSITY — In the latest of a string of similar cases, yet another student was evicted from StuVi 2 this past weekend. Harmon Bessel (Questrom ’19) was forcibly removed from his apartment on the tenth floor of StuVi 2 at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. A BUPD spokesperson reported that Bessel ignored an eviction notice sent to him the previous day and was therefore expelled from the building by officers following the 24-hour response period allotted to him. 

The reason for the eviction was reportedly Bessel’s refusal to display his empty liquor bottles on the windowsill of the apartment suite that he shared with three other students.

“He would just throw his bottles away as soon as he finished them,” said Sonja Jensen (Questrom ’19), one of Bessel’s roommates. “Every time I walked into the kitchen, I’d see bottles just sitting in his recycling bin. It was disgusting, honestly.”

Failure to display liquor bottles on one’s windowsill is a direct violation of the StuVi 2 Student Constitution and can bring consequences ranging from eviction to expulsion from Boston University.

Apparently, Bessel’s actions were first reported several months ago by Jensen and his other suitemates; repeated warnings from both Residence Life and BUPD officials did not hinder his behavior, leading his suitemates to lodge multiple complaints throughout the semester. Aside from the lack of liquor bottles, Bessel also reportedly refused to purchase a fake ID and would often flat out avoid alcohol consumption.

“One time we were mixing Red Bull with vodka and Jack…I offered him a shot, and he said mixed drinks ‘weren’t really his thing,'” said John Fogliano (CGS ’18), another one of Bessel’s roommates. “I mean, seriously, that’s borderline discrimination. It’s really tragic to me that, in today’s society, there are still people prejudiced against mixed drinks.”

Eventually, Bessel’s suitemates felt the need to take drastic measures.

“We’d been throwing around the idea of staging an intervention,” Jensen explained. “But at that point he was so out of control that we didn’t think it would have any effect. So in the end, we requested an eviction. No ragrets.”

Bessel is allegedly a repeat offender, boasting a lengthy record of violations going back to his freshman year. As a resident of Warren Towers during that time period, he was dealt several infractions for not fulfilling his monthly quota of Allston Crawls.

Bessel’s suitemates were not the only students who harbored negative feelings toward his behavior. Julia Yu (CAS ’19), a friend of Fogliano’s who lives in nearby StuVi 1, expressed her thoughts on his actions.

“Every time I walked by the building, Bessel’s window stood out like a sore thumb,” she said. “I was shocked at how undecorated his window was. It looked like a black hole, just void of any substance. It ruined the whole aesthetic of the building, honestly.”

“I saw his window and almost choked on my bagel,” added Tristan Fucini (Questrom ’19). “It left me totally distressed, and I failed my midterm half an hour later. Seriously, what he did was just awful.”

Boston University president Robert A. Brown echoed similar sentiments in a press conference held shortly after Bessel’s eviction.

“The heinous actions of the evicted student were an affront to Boston University and everything that we stand for as a community,” Brown declared. “Such offensive and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated on this campus. This behavior is not at all the image we want to project to our neighboring schools or to the city of Boston.”

Bessel is currently being detained in a cell in the Towers, pending a hearing which will determine his relocation.

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