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Talk About Daddy Issues: Freshman Accidentally Called Her Male Professor ‘Dad’

In cringe worthy news, freshman COM student Angie Weiss-Frederickson made the most, well, freshman of moves. While answering a question during her 300 student COM 101 course, Weiss-Frederickson accidentally called her professor Eric Jorgenson, a 6′ 3″, 210 pound man, “Dad.”

“It was as if someone sucked the air out of the room with a vacuum,” remarked Derek Aetherton, a junior with no clear career path. “High school’s one thing, but calling your professor ‘dad’ in college? What a freakin’ horn dog.”

To Aetherton’s point, Weiss-Frederickson is in rare company. Since BU’s founding in 1869, there have been only two other documented instances of the particular slip-up: Charles Tupplethwaite III during an anti-Darwinian evolution theory class in 1891, and Erica Lesley during her freshman writing seminar in 2002. Both students transferred to Boston College immediately following their fateful mishaps.

“We don’t really know why this Freudian slip occurs in the brain,” Celia McAdoo, lead scientist at BU’s “Whoopsie” Lab, claimed. “Data has shown, however, that this girl might have daddy issues.”

As for Weiss-Frederickson, she’s looking at her public slip-up not as a moment of shame, but an important opportunity. “Look, it was a simple dumb mistake. I said one thing and meant another. Was I kinda turned on? Sure. But look at me now! As a millennial who only wants attention, how much better could this get?!”

Since the infamous “COM dad” moment and the last stretch before Thanksgiving break, there has been a remarkable uptick in other reported Freudian slips around campus.

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