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10 Reasons We’re Thankful We Go to BU instead of ~Harvard~

We reached out to the BU community to find out what they’re giving thanks for as the semester ends, and were able to gather 10 great reasons to be thankful you go to BU instead of Harvard. 

10.) Maggie, CFA ‘18:
“It is so much better to live in real Boston instead of Cambridge. Rats, drunk middle aged baseball fans, poverty…This is the real city campus!” 

9.) Patrick, Questrom ‘20:
“Why would I live in ‘Lowell House’ when I could live in a residence hall that smells like sewage and share a bathroom with 950 other people?”

8.) Parker, ENG ‘18:
“I prefer paying more money for a worse education because it is funny. This is a social experiment!”

7.) Lauren, CFA ‘19:
“It doesn’t bother me that we don’t have a football team and Harvard does. Pretending to be excited by ice hockey is great acting practice.”

6.) Ned, COM ‘18:
“BU is almost an Ivy League. Like, a Vine League. Moss League?”

5.) Julia, CGS ‘20:
Crimson is such a pretentious color. Oh my God, ever heard of RED?”

4.) Nicholas, ‘19:
“It is really exciting to go every day constantly worrying about the Citgo sign collapsing and crushing my body. My body would be damaged beyond recognition so no one would know it was me for a long time”

3.) Parker, ENG ‘18 (again):
“BU has the highest instances of grade deflation. I love the fact that I’m paying more money to have worse grades at a worse school!”

2.) Lucy, CAS ‘21:
“Why park the car in Harvard Yard when you can harbor negative emotions in the Charles?” 

1.) Kayla, CAS ‘17:
“Harvard has that dumb statue that you rub for good luck that doesn’t even work. I mean, I didn’t get in and I got a 34 on the ACT. I had a lot of extracurriculars, too. I was manager of the Water Polo team. I showed my chemistry teacher my boobs so he would write me a good letter of recommendation. Seriously guys fuck Harvard amirite?”

Just as Kayla said, Harvard can f right off. We’re proud to be Terriers and the best school in Boston, well beyond all the Harvards, the Boston Colleges, and you know, all the Boston Public High Schools. We love our rats, our smelly ass dorms and the rest of it! 

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