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It’s Time for the BU Student Link to Get an Honest Update

In the life of a BU student, there are few things that are more important than the Student Link. It receives more traffic than the Mass Pike, yet it’s more reliable than your bff and armed with more helpful tools than a hardware store. In rain or shine, through sickness or health, and even sober or drunk, the Student Link will never let you down. Despite its inherent usefulness, the Student Link is, to put it lightly, outdated af and horribly unattractive. It’s filled with too many vague tabs and links, configured in a hella confusing layout, and looks like an AOL instant messenger chat room from 2005.

For a school of 30,000+ undergrads and an endowment reaching 2 billion buckaroos, The Black Sheep finds it pretty unacceptable that we still have to use a portal seemingly created by a freshman taking intro to web design. So we’ve taken matters into our own hands and made the Student Link that BU deserves: all honesty, no confusion, and absolutely zero pixelated lettering (hopefully).

Tab 1: Academics

In the refurbished Academics tab, the vague wording surrounding grades and scholarly standing no longer dupe BU students. What you see is what you get, from checking to see if your AP credit will save you from taking WR100 (it won’t) to finding out the name of that academic advisor you’ve been “meaning to meet with” since September. You still might dread this tab, but at least it’s honest!

Tab 2: Money Matters


In our reconfiguration of this tab, we wanted to focus on what really “matters:” money. These new links provide an entirely new level of transparency than before, allowing all students to see what little ways the administration is sucking money from your plebeian pockets. The faster you know these insipid cash vacuums exist, the faster you can reject them like a bad kidney. Boycott!

Tab 3: Personal


From overpriced Charlie Cards to giving your parents an all-seeing eye on your movements, this previously nondescript personal tab finally has some personality. They even have your Social Security number and home address! Wait…how are they allowed to have that stuff?

Tab 4: Basic Work


For ease of online navigation, we decided to combine the Work and Basic tabs to form “Basic Work.” Whether you’re looking for a quick buck or leaving 586 complaints in the suggestion box, this tab’s looking better than ever! 

Tab 5: Food and Shelter


Our final revamped tab gives you the 411 on all the daily necessities without making you forget that off-campus housing and meals are ultimately more cost-effective. However, no matter where you live or eat, you gotta respect LaundryWeb. Technology for the win!

Well, there you have it: your brand-spanking-new Student Link! We know it’s still a work in progress, so please feel free to leave any comments or concerns in the “suggestion box” link. And if anyone knows a good web designer, send them our way. No matter what they do, it’ll look a hell of a lot better than it does now.





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