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The 8 Unwritten Rules of Riding the BUS

Whether you live in West, East, South, North, Middle, Side, Up, or Down campus, we have all struggled with the BUS (Boston University Shuttle (so very clever)).  Its unreliability and inconsistent tendencies turn any quick trip down Comm Ave into a long venture into the city, so much so that students have even started a petition to whip the B.U.S. system into shape. The unfailingly late red and white monstrosities seem to follow a rulebook of their own, so here’s a guide to the unwritten rules of BU bus to make your traveling needs easier.

8.) Check the amazing, super useful Boston University app before deciding to take the bus: 
This informative app will promptly tell you that the next bus will be there within 15 minutes.  Please note that this vital information is never and will never be accurate. Ever. So, you’re just sort of spinnin’ your wheels here.

7.) Miss the bus by 2 seconds:
Then decide to wait for the next one because, after all, it is only 15 minutes away. Have you ever wished you could make a moment last forever? According to the app you checked before racing after the bus, it will still be 15 minutes away 15 minutes from now.

6.) Wait in below freezing weather:
The next 1, 2, or 26 busses that go by that are “out of service,” so by the time you get to class you’ll be nice and numb.

5.) Still wait for the bus: 
Because there is hope that the bus will probably, maybe, hopefully arrive at some point in the next 24 hours.

4.) Become a contortionist:
Somehow, you’ll need to fit on the overcrowded bus that eventually comes. Desert all sense of personal space because you have -3 centimeters to yourself.

3.) Just stay on the bus for a while:
It takes you on a tour of the city before reaching your desired destination. Take in the sights of the Avenue of the Arts and the prudential Center at rush hour as you realize you missed the last Charles River Campus stop.

2.) Get to your destination just a couple days late:
Then, miss what obviously wasn’t important in your lecture section. Hey, you chose to take the bus.

1.) Never take the bus again:
You would get there faster riding on the back of a 500-year-old tortoise.

With these rules, you now know what to expect if you do decide to risk your valuable time and sometimes even your life waiting for the bus. Of course, given its unreliability, you may very well still have no idea what to expect.

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