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10 EASY Steps to Successfully Register for Classes at UW


Confused on how to schedule classes without SOAR? It can be stressful; especially when the University assigns you that 6:30 a.m. registration time — assholes! And if finding the right classes isn’t hard enough, they hired Ernő Rubik, inventor of the rubik’s cube, to create the site for registering. So the University has asked The Black Sheep to make a helpful manual.


Step 1.)

On UW-Madison’s website, go to the Course Guide and select Spring semester. Use the left side tool bar to find classes by credits, breadth requirements, subject, college, instructor, level, snacks provided, etc. OR simply type the class you want and it will come right up.


step 1


Step 2.)

Then you click on the title of the class… and it’ll take you to this page:

step 2


Turns out, this page is fucking useless. You cannot do anything, just X this shit out. Once you’re finished with that, go back and actually fucking Login. Now we’re ready to pick classes.


Step 3.)

Now that you’ve added all your classes to your favorite list, you’re ready to go! Don’t be afraid to choose a bunch of classes from all over the place, even if they are not being taught the semester you want or if you aren’t qualified to be in them. If you wanna take 7th semester Japanese, you go for it!


Also, a message will appear to share your favorites list on social media; all your friends are really gonna care, so definitely share it.


tsep 3


Step 4.)

Now that you have the classes you want, time to register! Hahahaha just kidding. A huge FUCK YOU will pop up on the page and direct you to go to the schedule planner. This process consists of several pop-up screens and a whole lot of clicking between MyUW and the Student Center, until eventually you see this:


step 4


Step 5.)

Refresh, Refresh, Refresh


Step 6.)

Once you get to the schedule planner, you simply have to bring your courses in My Course Guide. Just check the ones you actually want to take and follow the directions by pressing the ‘add’ button — too bad it’s not fucking there…


step 6


Step 7.)

Add any necessary breaks for student organization meetings or work.


step 7


Step 8.)

There are only 2 possibilities when you generate schedules: a.) there’s like a fricking billion options, so you have to go through and weed out any classes on Fridays or before noon, OR b.) you get no schedules and have to figure out where the conflict is and pick new classes. Fuck you, Tuesday and Thursday 1-2:15 p.m. lecture slot, you popular son of a bitch.


step 8



Step 9.)

Now you have to import your cart… wait, didn’t you already do that? Yes, like 10 times. But now you are sending it back to student center, because using only one program for scheduling would be ridiculous. So, just keep hitting next about 20 times to make sure the computer knows you wanna be in all your classes.


step 9


Step 10.)

That’s it! You did it! Hit Begin Enrolling, then Finish Enrolling and you’re done! Yay! Oh fuck, what that hell is this horseshit!!


step 10


Just remember, in hell, you register for classes every Tuesday and Thursday. Happy registering!


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