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10 Things That Happen After Graduating From Ole Miss



Spring Break is over and we’re back in Oxford. The slowly creeping fears of graduation are creeping up for some and others the joyful expectations of a future job. It’s a mixed bag of emotions you’re going through right now. But there are a few things that are universal to all graduates. Whether it’s regrets, aspirations, or the realities of life outside of the college safe zone. We have narrowed down the good, the bad, and the ugly.


10.) Expectations Are Real Now:

You have a college degree so now there are real expectations for you. With the degree you worked four years or more for, let’s be realistic, you don’t have any excuses just lying on the couch all day.


9.) The Couch May Be Your New Home:

On the flip side of no excuses for having a job, we all know that the job market for some degrees is like a walk through Mordor. So if that’s the case don’t feel bad about being on the couch so much, as long as you’re on the computer looking for a job at the same time.


8.) Get Used To Bills:

Remember how your parents would always complain about the bills, well get ready champ because it’s your turn to worry. If you thought rent was bad before, just wait till you’re living downtown in a metro area. Oh and don’t forget healthcare insurance and bar tabs that aren’t coming from a place where $2 pitchers are a thing. It’s a rough world out there.


7.) The Low Guy on The Totem Pole:

It doesn’t matter what job you get, you’re the new guy. The new guy gets the crap jobs, we’re talking the ones a monkey could do. Get used to the sound of organ grinder music because you will essentially be going through pledgeship again. 


6.) College Hero:

You’ve heard of a high school hero, the people who won’t shut up about what they did in high school. Get ready to be the college hero: being thin, smart, and popular. Well, that 3.8 GPA doesn’t matter a lot if you’re the only guy in the office that can’t work Excel.


5.) Alumni Status:

Of course, being a graduate isn’t all bad. If things are going well for you after college, when you finally can make it back for a game you’ll have the benefit of throwing cash around, flashing season tickets, and being an all around baller.


4.) Get Off My Lawn!:

You’re not 50 years old, but being graduated makes you much older and wiser and more easily annoyed. You will begin to have a lot less patience and understanding for the younger generation behind you. As your own douche apparel collects dust in the closet you’ll be yelling at high schoolers for wearing skinny jeans and complaining about privilege.


3.) Late Nights Cranked to 11:

Being a young professional is 5x more fun than college, because you’re partying with a purpose now. Whether unwinding from a hard day’s work or going out to try and seal a deal with some prospective investors or executives means that the $500 bar tab is worth the cost of getting a $2,000,000 contract for the firm. But mostly it’s just a lot of unwinding from a hard day’s work. Every day. 


2.) The Bachelorette:

Your college sweetheart of four years is probably expecting a ring along with the degree so you need to decide if it’s time. If you’re single, then now you’ve have to traverse the dangerous waters of real dating. Going out and meeting people you have a connection with or having as much fun until you hit 30.


1.) Missing Ole Miss:

You’ll be happy graduating and starting the next chapter, but when the closest you get to school is watching games on TV, then you’ll start remembering the Grove and Square. Don’t deny it, you’ll be humming Dixie at your desk working and checking your phone to make sure you bought tickets to this year’s LSU game.


That’s the long and short of it. May the last of college be amazing and your future as a real Ole Miss Rebel be filled with wonder and lots of money.


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