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15 Ways to Switch It Up at Miami


At some point in our Miami careers we all have this same thought: We cannot escape the Miami bubble. Invariably, we fall into the same pattern: walking the same way to class, getting drunk at the same bars on the weekends, balancing your Lulu Lemon, Tobi, and Up Town wardrobe between class, the bars, and of course the gym.


These patterns seem to unite us, yet at the same time they firmly entrench us in a monotonous cycle that confines us. Luckily, The Black Sheep has thought of 15 ways to change it up, so that “I am Miami” does not have to mean “I am Boring.”


15.) Instead of plum Longchamp bags: Go neon orange:
Carry all your books and stay safe crossing the street at night; you’ll be that individual neon snowflake you know you are.


14.) Gear up:
Instead of avoiding Miami gear like the plague, walk to class supporting the football team. Go RedHawks (?)


13.) Wear maroon converse instead of the usual white:
They won’t get dirty as easily, scream brooding and edgy, and are a great conversation starter, are they brownish red or reddish brown? Better talk at someone about it for 20 minutes.


12.) Go out on a Sunday:
You survived the weekend and you know what they say: cram drunk fail sober.


11.) Pregame a MAP event:
They go through all that trouble to get those events together, might as well provide some entertainment.


10.) Bring breakfast, lunch and dinner to the classroom:
Why should snack day stop in elementary school?


9.) Make ye contact with strangers:
Instead of the casual up nod or just “the looking at your phone bit” to ignore the world around you completely as you’re walking to class, run over to each person you cross paths with, give them a big flashy smile, if you’re feeling adventurous maybe even say hi. Surely they won’t be completely caught off guard.


8.) Log roll over the seal:
Legend says nothing about that does it?


7.) Compliment every person wearing cargo shorts and a lanyard:
Reassert the positive life choices they’re making.


Instead of playing “spot the freshman” or jeering whenever a herd of blatant first years walks by, challenge yourself and focus your games on the transfer students… they don’t even go here.


5.) Go to a Miami football game:
You might be the only one there. You’re a trendsetter!


4.) Obey at least, like, one law:
To all those pedestrians out there, actually use the cross walks.


3.) Approach the men giving out free bibles and ask for ten:
They’ll be so happy, until you…


2.) Then give them out at a Young Life meeting:
You’re a real feather-ruffler!


1.) And Finally:
Next time a girl compliments your outfit (girls, it’s bound to happen), instead of replying with an “I got this on discount for like $5, and it’s not nearly as cute as your shirt” just say thanks.


Well there you have it some exclusive tips to not only be Miami, but also be a 10 on the PH scale instead of being a solid 14 (BASIC). Hopefully these 15 tips help you travel the road less taken. Because at Miami we love quoting Robert Frost.

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