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25 Thoughts Every LSU Student Had Over Fall Break


Fall Break was last week, as we all know. Hopefully yours was relaxing and filled with long naps, massages, Enya music, Halloween candy, and hot chamomile tea. Ha! Yeah, that load of horse shit didn’t happen. Why? Because professors tend to give students a buttload of homework the day before break starts, making the ASSumption that they are the only class on your schedule. Well, hate to break it to ya, you overpaid, gray-bearded, mind-molders, but that ain’t how it works! Here are twenty-five thoughts every student had over the four day long, rainy ass weekend known as Fall Break.


1.) Four days until I have to come back here! I’m gonna get so much done!

2.) Oh daaang, those clouds are dark as f***. Better grab my umbrell— well, shit.

3.) Hey wait I don’t have class in the morning. Yeah, I’m getting wasted cakes tonight.

4.) It’s Thursday morning & I have nowhere to be! I’ll start on some homework.

5.) *Clicks Next Episode on Netflix*

6.) Okay, just one more, then it’s definitely study time.

7.) Damn, it’s already dark. How long have I been asleep?

8.) Better start getting ready for Fred’s…it’s ladies night, bitches.

9.) Holy headache. I’m not doing any school work feeling like this. I can’t brain today.

10.) Shit. Halloween is tomorrow and I still don’t have a costume.

11.) I bet Pinterest has some cool ideas.

12.) Crap, how’d I end up on this Alpaca website?

13.) I’ll just grab some coffee and my rain boots then head out to go shopping for the Ween. Alpaca my bags! Haha, yeah I’m still drunk.

14.) How the hell am I supposed to find a costume with all of these screaming kids in this store?

15.) Fuck this, I’ll just throw a trash bag over my clothes and go as white trash.

16.) Candy is 50% off on Sunday? I’m coming back here, fa sho.

17.) Wait, trick or treating got moved to tonight? That’s so stupid. Better turn off my porch lights before those little fuckers show up at my door.


19.) Let me text bae to come Netflix and chill.

20.) It’s Halloweeeeeeeen mothafuckahhs. Time to party.

21.) Too bad this rain is gonna wash all of my cool make-up off later.

22.) This humidity is disgusting. I could chew the air right now.

23.) She looks like an absolute whore, and I’m wearing a trash bag. Bartender?

24.) I have still not done any school work.

25.) Well hot damn, daylight savings is tonight! I’ll have an entire extra hour to finish that shit. Boo-yah.


So, whether you binged on Netflix, Halloween candy, or vodka (or all three) instead of doing your homework, trust us when we tell you, you weren’t alone. Just be sure to get it all done before the biggest game of the season on Saturday. It’s #BamaHateWeek, and we’re comin’ for that ass, Saban!


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