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5 Ideas Better Than Going Home For Fall Break

At other schools fall break usually means a peaceful week of relaxation from the every day stresses of college. At IU, that’s not the case. Instead of one week, Indiana ever so kindly gives its students one day off: Friday. Since the cool students at Indiana don’t have classes on Friday anyways, fall break is pretty much just a typical weekend. The tease of a faux fall break needs to be stopped. In the meantime, rather than going home and wasting a precious weekend away from the best school in the world, The Black Sheep has come up with other, super fun ways to spend your “fall break.”


1.) FAC: Since your Friday vacation is actually just a regular weekend, sleep in and follow through with your usual plans of stuffing your face with free food and getting drunk on $2 pints.


2.) Catch up on sleep: College students around the world are sleep deprived and students at IU are no exception. Especially with midterms approaching, sleep has never been so valuable. Spending the entire weekend stocking up in preparation of the all-nighters in your near future sounds like a responsible idea.


3.) Hang out with the townies: Don’t worry if the majority of your friends are gone for the weekend, the townies are still here! What could be more entertaining than sitting on the Kilroy’s front patio, maybe at FAC killing two birds with one stone, and people watching across the street at People’s Park? You may actually see someone kill birds with stones.


4.) Road trip to Iowa for the Iowa v. Indiana game: Grab your friends, hop in the car, and show the students at University of Iowa how a tailgate is really done. But it’s fall break so don’t forget the pumpkins to throw at way-too-passionate Iowa fans.


5.) Go home: Ok, something about home-cooked meals and someone else doing your laundry doesn’t sound that bad. Give in to your mom’s desperate pleas for you to come home and let your liver have the weekend off… it definitely needs it. 

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