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5 Things to Do on Saturdays in Lieu of Game Days

Spring can be a weird time. We suddenly have our weekends free to do whatever our hearts please since the Tigers’ football season is a ways behind us. But what if we’re having trouble deciphering exactly what our heart’s desire entails? If you’re feeling lost about what to do on these newly free days, look no further.


Just think about how much nicer it is to walk only from your bed to the couch rather than from Friar’s to Jimmy John’s to the stadium and then back downtown. Who needs to hang out with friends when you’ve got Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe at your fingertips? And Tigers-to-Go is a thing for a reason, people.


Do you love to get drunk before 7p.m.? Fancy 10+ Natty Lights before the sun goes down? Want the look and feel of a tailgate without a pesky game getting in the way? Then darties are the place for you. The sun is out! You don’t get the luxury of the flattering lighting of the late night hours, meaning you’re able to more clearly see yourself and everyone around you going to hell in a hand basket. And who doesn’t want that?


Stress Clean:
Nothing says “I’m pretending to have my life together” like a spotless room and a to-do list 47 miles long. But honestly, who doesn’t like a squeaky-clean room? You’ll feel accomplished even if it’s the only thing you’ve done come Monday morning. And a clean room is easier to show off than that bruise- more lovingly termed a badge of honor-you got from getting trampled on the hill.


Although it is still a bit chilly to take a dip, once the temperatures heat up, the neighborhood pools of Clemson are lovely places to spend a weekend afternoon. Each pool has its own personality, so it’s up to you to find one that matches the vibe you’re after. Whether you’re trying to get a little turnt or you just want to have a relaxing day in the sun, a day at the pool is never a bad call. Plus, you’ll actually be able to achieve an even bronze glow instead of a horrible farmer’s tan from wearing a jersey for 12 hours straight.


Cause Trouble in Walmart or Target:
All you have to do is go to the Walmart in Central or the Target in Anderson and let your freak flag fly. Try on way too many clothes and wear them around the store, play hide-and-seek in the aisles, and blatantly eat food before paying for it. Sure, you might get chased down by employees and eventually asked to leave, but those few moments spent riding a bike designed for a child a third your age down the home goods aisle will be the ones you cherish in your old age.


See? Saturdays don’t have to be boring just because we’re not tailgating anymore. And if the thought of no football is still really getting you down, the spring game is scheduled for April 12th.


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