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5 Types of ECU Spring Breakers


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re thinking Christmas break, think again. We’re not talking endless supplies of eggnog, we’re talking bigger, better and endless supplies of any drinks possible: Spring Break 2016! Surprisingly enough, how you act during spring break here at ECU say’s a lot about the type of Spring Breaker Pirate you really are:



1.) Leaders:

You’re the type of person who everyone in your classes looks for to book them the most epic Spring Break ever known to ECU. Instead of studying in Joyner late at night, you’re utilizing a study room to do mass group discussion on where to find the perfect destination to plant your already planted booty for the next 7 days. You specialize in late night snacking. No we’re not talking about using those Sour Patch Kids you purchased from Dowdy to binge on while studying for your midterm, we’re talking you buying those Sour Patch Kids for a concoction of the best drink’s known to go down in ECU Spring Break history! That’s what you call an all-nighter.



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2.) Loafers:

You take a different stand on the event planning of Spring Break, being a blob. Instead of hightailing it behind Mr. Leader ahead of you, you’d rather sit back on the fountain to wait for the perfect paradise vacation to land in the palm of your hands. Be careful, if you sit too long, that won’t be the only thing landing in the palm of your hands. The accuracy of bird poop is highly incredible. The accuracy of following someone is also likely, because a premium vacay is being instructed right under your nose! Look up for a minute in Joyner and you’ll see the Leader is always accepting new followers! (Let’s be honest, a cruise is always cheaper when booked in bulk).


3.) Lifters:

You, my friends, are the happy mediums of campus. You come prepared to inform the students walking on the Mall about the great opportunities for an unforgettable spring break hiking with Student Rec, or going to Vietnam with Ethnic Studies. You inform people of the group meetings in Joyner for that awesome deal on the cruise they must attend. And when you see that guy walk past you with the bird poop on his hand, you simply sanitize and inform him that the water on campus just won’t do the trick. Sea salt water is the best cleansing mechanism as well as getting out of Greenville for Spring Break.


4.) Leeches:

You are the worst when it comes to event planning. You guys are the sharks in the water when it comes to setting sail time. You circle and circle the study rooms, just hoping that you might get a lead of where all the top-notch Spring Breakers are headed. You search the computers histories in the lab in Rawl waiting for just some part of an itinerary to load up in your browser. You even get leads to experiment in Dowdy with the snack collection and possible drink concoctions that could go down in history. The only good thing about being labeled as a “Spring Break Leech” is knowing that you never have to get to the level of the deep oceans (campus crowds on the Mall) and become this awful creature in the water.


With the four different types of pirates on our campus, an awesome Spring Break really can be in the making. If it hasn’t been planned just yet, you may still have time to hop on those cruise websites and see what’s left. This is where a new category of Spring Breakers come into play: “Millionaires.” They are exactly who you’ll need to make friends with within the next few days as a broke ECU student. Let’s be honest, if you still haven’t booked by now, you’ll spend your spring break sipping Sup Crushes on their newly renovated deck. Unless you’re engaged to a member of Phi Kappa Si, or the world is coming to an end, you won’t be able to find Millionaires. Stick to who you are in our list of ECU Spring Breakers. Better luck next year!


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