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5 Unconventional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving—ISU Edition


The Black Sheep LOVES Thanksgiving (well, eh) and understand that it’s a truly important holiday to us all (kind of), so we figured out some ways that all the thankful Redbirds here at ISU can celebrate in their own special way.


5.) Dorm Feast:

This is the option for all those youngsters who still have to rely on shitty dorm food. Fear not, young ones, there are, in fact, bright times in the semester when the food is actually edible: holidays. The Black Sheep’s staff scientists have proven that holiday meals are the only cafeteria meals that students actually look forward to. A few days before Thanksgiving Break begins, Watterson and Linkins pull out all the stops with some carved turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry stuffing—the works! Instead of eating these glorious meals in the Dining Center like the loser you are, look slightly cooler and celebrate the food and holiday with a to-go box and eat with friends in someone’s room.


4.) Drinksgiving:

For some people, the most important part about Thanksgiving is Christmas. Some people couldn’t care less whether or not Thanksgiving is even celebrated, but they do pray to God that liquor stores aren’t closed that day. If you’re one of these people, Drinksgiving is your best option. You and your friends can head on over to Budget Liquors and celebrate your favorite thing of all: alcohol. Turkey? No. Turkey-flavored vodka? ‘Tis the season.


3.) Bitchgiving:

Instead of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in which everyone gorges on food and reflects on what they’re thankful for, use this holiday to have a major bitch session with you and your closest buds. Things to bitch about? ReggiNet constantly sucking, the bullshit that is the new registration system, and, of course, the utter stupidity of switching the goddamn email system with four weeks left in the semester. Luckily, those who are celebrating this holiday have been blessed with so much to complain about. Happy Bitchgiving, Redbirds.


2.) Turkey Bowl:

In lieu of a feast, a more fun way to celebrate the holiday is a good old fashioned Turkey Bowl! For those of you losers who are unfamiliar with the concept, you get a bunch of friends together, split into teams, go to the store and get one turkey per team, and set up pins like they would be in a bowling alley. The rest of the game should be self-explanatory. Oh, and don’t forget the booze. You’re gonna want that. Throwing turkeys around in front of your apartment is gonna seem a lot more natural after a few beers. It’s a fun way to relax with friends without having to put in effort making a big meal and pretending to be thankful for anything.


1.) Cornucopia Surprise:

Maybe you actually like Thanksgiving the way it is (you’re weird and we’re judging you), but that’s okay. We even have an option for you! Combine the tradition of Thanksgiving with the poverty of college! A real Thanksgiving can be expensive, and that sucks when you’re broke but still wanna celebrate. Never fear, The Black Sheep is here! Using a traditional cornucopia, save yourself some time and money by going into your pantry, throwing in any food that you need to get rid of (it’s gonna be break soon, after all), and get creative. Invite some friends over to eat your final product with. The clusterfuck of a meal could either be a complete failure, or a success, but the best part is, either way, they’ll have to at least be thankful.

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