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5 Ways To Deal With GVSU Finals Stress


Finals are just around the corner, and you’ve probably been freaking out about them since Thanksgiving. The stress is overpowering, becoming far too much to handle, and you don’t know what you’re going to do to push through the final week. To combat those stresses, we’ve compiled an absolutely prime list of things you can do to handle the finals blues.


5.) Sleep:




Stress is known to make you exhausted, lose all hope for your future, and contemplate giving up college for good at least four times a day. However, with the little help of stress exhaustion to combat your stress insomnia, you can catch quite a break. Aim for 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night instead of browsing the Internet. It’ll help you retain your study material, since long term memory encoding happens when you sleep, it also gives your brain a break from the shitstorm that is finals week. 


4.) Cry:


loser crying


You’re probably wondering how the hell crying is supposed to help you, and we don’t blame you. Crying is ugly, messy, and can sometimes end with broken lamps and arms. Even with keeping those emotional issues in mind, everybody feels better after a good cry. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just let it happen. It doesn’t matter where you are or that you’ll be ashamed for breaking down in public; everyone’s cried in public at some point, and at least now you have a valid reason! 


3.) Eat:




The freshmen 15 has to come from somewhere, and even if you’re no longer a first year, allot yourself a few extra pounds to help you get through next week. The last thing you want to stress about is counting calories. If you find solace in comfort food, than have at it! Bring a whole damn turkey dinner to the library, who cares? Just make sure you do you and get through this next week. Future you is the one that needs to worry about the extra pounds.


2.) Exercise:




The last thing anyone wants to do during finals week is keep a regular, healthy gym schedule. We get it, working out is shitty, but it really can benefit your overall health. Your blood pumping faster really does give you energy, and exercise in general can combat the finals blues by reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, plus you can study while you’re at it. Although going to the campus rec center and getting your sweat on in front of that sexy guy/girl may not be your ideal of stress relief, we guarantee you’ll feel better after a workout. (The Black Sheep does not stand behind this guarantee).


1.) Have Sex:




Sex, in a sense, is a form of exercise, so there’s something to throw around when you’re trying to convince your significant other to do the nasty. But this isn’t the only reason sex can be used as stress relief. Oxytocin and endorphins are released into the bloodstream that make you feel super relaxed and happy (if your partner actually knows what he/she is doing). So do the dirty, and in your post-sex haze, get some work done. Then, come back for round two.


Get out there and have sex to exercise while eating and then cry yourself to sleep so you can be relaxed to the extreme and conquer your final exams. And remember, if worse comes to worst, you can always just drink the stress away with little to no consequences probably!


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