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6 Things to Do Now Midterms are OVER


As Halloweekend rolls around, and midterms FINALLY come to a close, you’ll begin to find yourself with an excess of time. The number of studying all nighters will dwindle, and the late night treks to King will be erased from your mind, along with everything you crammed in your brain for that calc midterm you had on Tuesday. For the sake of your sanity, we’ve come up with a list of things you can do with your newfound time.


Go to a ~Sporting Event~:
No matter how painful some of the games may be, they’re can still be pretty fun, plus, much like your sex life, alcohol eases the pain of a lengthy losing streak. Hockey season is just starting up, which is a great reason for you to bust out that fake jersey we all know you have and head on over to Goggin to get rowdy for our Redhawks!


Scramble to Throw Together Your Halloween Costume:
If you’re reading this and don’t have a costume already, chances are you’re going to end up wearing a jersey instead of your already-low-effort Vineyard Vines button-down or slapping on some ears and calling yourself a cat. Not to say either of those aren’t “okay,” but your brain is so free and open now you should be able to think of something better, and totally “not basic.” Hey, why not do both and call yourself Tomcat Cruise. Pretty good, eh? Sorry. 


Go Out on a Weeknight:
Yeah… in case you forgot (who knows how long you’ve been cooping yourself up to study) this is a thing people do. And it’s pretty damn fun. You deserve it. You missed the last three weeks of 90s, trivia night, and of course pitchers. And if you’re a true Miamian you would make up for those past three weeks at Club King. You fried your brains out for this. GO GET LIT.


Return Your Body to Homeostasis:
This one seems weird, but just stick with us for a sec. Your body is probably crying for help. When’s the last time you slept for more than 5 hours? Have you eaten today? When’s the last time you showered? Drink some water. Take a nap. Eat something other than frozen meals from the market. Order some Insomnia. Treat yo’ self.


Have a Nice Cry:
We know that somewhere, deep inside, you have so many pent up feels from all the stress you just put yourself through and from the relief that it’s finally over. So just let it out. Unleash your best Kim K. ugly cry. You’ll feel so much better after. Just maybe somewhere other than a cubicle at King.


Start your group chat back up. Make sure everyone made it through midterms, and mourn the lost soldiers. Go find your buddies and go Uptown. Talk to some real humans, ’cause you probably haven’t talked to anyone but yourself and maybe some professors in office hours for a while.


Basically, just get out of your desk chair, say goodbye to your cubicle, or table in King café and go do something. Take care of yourself. Have some fun. You deserve it. Cause even if you’re convinced that you bombed them all, at least your midterms are done. Onto the next one, Miami.


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