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7 Things You Forgot to Do Over Spring Break


Look, we all know that when a break happens, nothing of importance is going to get done; but in some cases, that might be a bad idea. While we were all out partying and having our fun spring break antics, we had some possible responsibilities nagging at us back at home that we definitely forgot to do…


7.) Study For That Exam:

Yeah, a lot of us have experienced those post mid-term mid-terms and they always totally screw us over. The teacher posts a study guide one night while you don’t even remember going to bed and you’re expected to fill it out and do good on the test next Tuesday? Come on man, you’ve got some high hopes for this generation. So we just have to end up cramming like our lives depend on it, because they kind of do in a sense.


6.) Visit Your Grandma:

So you came home and didn’t see ol’ grannies eh? You ungrateful young whippersnapper! Back in her day she could afford college with a day job and now you need all these fancy loans and grants and all this scary stuff! She bets you’re just spending it all on booze and pizza that’ll make you fat. Go eat a carrot and visit grannie more.


5.) Take a Nap:

You ever get that feeling that you’re tired? Always, you say? Are you one of those kids who gets 5 hours of sleep a night because they were up watching silly YouTube videos? Don’t worry, we are too. Except we watch videos that are important like ones exposing the truth about the Galla-Gator and the Illuminati. You probably should have tried a bit to catch up on your nonexistent sleep pattern. Too late now.


4.) See Your Friends:

No matter how you spent your Spring Break, this is what you know you should’ve done. If you just stayed indoors and watched the entire Making a Murderer series in two days then you fall into this category and oh my god the miscarriage of justice is causing us to boil with rage.


3.) Watch Making a Murderer:

The other side of the coin hangs out with their friends too much. We know you’re a social butterfly but stop for a minute and be selfish. Sit at home and order some pizza and wings and a burrito and cake and etc. Watch this show and join in on the collective rage. 


2.) Get a Law Degree:

Dude you had a whole week and you didn’t even try to get your law degree so you could represent Steven Avery after this insane destruction of personal rights lobbies at the man!? Do you even care?


1.) Go to the Beach:

It got warm here in Oakland and our fuzzy parkas were made obsolete by the fact that we were sweating all damn week. We should’ve gone to the beach or something so then at least the warmth would be welcome since no one wears a parka at the beach. Just waiting to take off our winter coats any day now.


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