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7 Ways Life at MSU Is Like One Big Video Game


It’s easy to take a great school like Michigan State University for granted and, as a result, not see all of the great things offered here. That’s why The Black Sheep decided to point out some of the nicer aspects of MSU, through the lens of video games. For example:


7.) Well-Known Mascots:

Nintendo has Mario, SEGA has Sonic the Hedgehog, and Michigan State has Sparty. Everyone knows that the main character is one of the most important parts of any game, just as the mascot is in college sports. Our mascot is commonly known as one of the best, and was even voted onto the cover of NCAA Football 09.


6.) Many Diverse Stages:

Just like video games, MSU has many diverse locations where shit goes down. You might not be fighting Ganon on top of a castle, but you can fight a hangover on the roof of Olds Hall. Exploring campus is like traversing through Gaia; all you really care about is getting to Midgar (or just to your classes on time), but you have to avoid pesky random encounters (like a Chocobo or your ex) on the way.


5.) Amazing Graphics:

Modern games are known for having incredible, realistic graphics. Michigan State’s campus looks like a scene right out of a video game; whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, campus is always incredibly beautiful. Even the sight of a drunk girl puking outside Beaumont at 2 a.m. brings a tear to our eye.


4.) Power-Ups:

Need an energy boost or some healing? In video games, you just need to find some potions, mushrooms, or other food items. In real life, you just need some coffee, Vicodin, or a Jägerbomb. Whatever one you use, you’ll feel like you’re in a video game after consuming copious amounts.


3.) NPCs (Non-Playable Characters):

What would a video game be if it didn’t have characters there solely to help you? NPCs can be found in real life as well. They could be your professors, lecturing to you as you mentally hit the “A” button until they stop. They could be the caf workers, there only to serve you and provide you with bowl after bowl of pasta in Brody. No matter who your NPCs are, they’re just boring fillers.


2.) Leveling Up:

In video games, completing tasks gets you XP, or experience points. College basically gives you the same thing. Whether it’s your first drunken night at Rick’s, your first failed class, or your first TA makeout sesh, you’re gaining experience over time that will turn you into a better person/player. By the time you finish, maybe you’ll have leveled up enough to become a Pokémon Master…or at least a store manager.


1.) The Fun:

Video games are there to provide fun for those that play them. MSU definitely provides us with fun. Where else is there top-notch parties/tailgates, zombie fights, weekly free movies, free bowling, entertainers like Kevin Hart, and some of the best sports in the nation? Michigan State is one of the most fun schools in the country, just like video games are the most fun kind of game.


After seeing all of the evidence, it’s easy to conclude why life here is like a video game. Let’s just hope it ends up being more like Animal Crossing than Fallout.

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