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7 Ways Student-Athletes Can Make Money


Student-athletes make universities millions of dollars in revenue each year, however the players themselves don’t get paid for their work, just like how FAFSA doesn’t pay anyone, either. Thankfully, we’ve offered just a few of the many ways student-athletes can still make money despite being slaves to the NCAA.


7.) Become a School Administrator:

College administrations always make decisions that aren’t in the students’ best interest, which is perfect for student-athletes who can instead make decisions to benefit themselves, such as changing the school mascot, decreasing required practice time or even paying athletes. Administrators like the chancellor and president make up to $750,000 per year, which most athletes won’t get paid until sixth months into being in the NFL.


6.) Sell Your Moped:

For some reason, schools feel they need to give athletes mopeds to drive around campus because they don’t think these athletes should waste their precious legs on inferior “normal people tasks” like walking. Unfortunately, we know that you can walk just fine, so make a few extra hundred bucks by selling that moped.


5.) Accept The Money You’re Being Bribed With:

Every athlete, at one time or another, has been bribed for some reason. Maybe you’re playing for the mob or a local business. According to NCAA rules, you can’t accept the bribe, but since you’re a slave to the NCAA, that money looks pretty appealing right about now.


4.) Selling Game-Worn Underwear:

The school makes a ton of money from selling your jersey, but without your name on it. The only piece of clothing the school can’t sell is what you cover your junk in: your underwear. Sell your game-worn, muddy underwear on Etsy for the freaky, crafty ladies and make a few bucks for yourself.


3.) Invent Facebook:

In The Social Network, it took Zuckerberg 2 hours to invent Facebook and he got to hang out with Justin Timberlake while doing so. What’s your excuse? Take a few hours after your devastating loss to a no-name school and invent Facebook. It won’t be that hard.


2.) Steal Money From Your Tutors:

Chances are you have a tutor to help you out with classes since school isn’t the biggest priority for student-athletes. Those tutors are getting paid to make sure you stay eligible for gameday. Why should smarter people than you be the ones getting paid? When they are blabbering on about calculus, go ahead and reach out their purse or pocket and take the money and 40-yard dash out of the room into the end zone.


1.) Sell Your Textbooks:

You don’t actually go to class, right? Student-athletes normally have nerds that take their tests for them, so why even have textbooks in the first place. Go ahead and sell the textbooks the school provided you and make some moolah.


These are just a few of the ways you can make some money while aspiring to an unrealistic NFL career as a 3rd-string quarterback. If none of this works, there’s always a gym teacher job waiting for you once you suffer a crippling injury on the field and lose your scholarship.


Also, if you ever wondered why freshmen suck so bad we still don’t know.

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