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7 Ways to Answer Questions in Class When Your i>Clicker Dies


i>Clickers are the devil. The only decent thing about i>Clickers is that they never die. However, if your i>Clicker does die, The Black Sheep has some ways that you can still answer questions in class.


7.) Throw A Note Tied to an Acorn:

Show a squirrel that you’re the boss and assert your dominance by taking one of its acorns. Once you have possession of the nut, tape a Post-It note to the acorn and throw it towards the stage at your professor. This is how students used to answer questions before the i>Clicker was invented.


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6.) Carrier Pigeon:

If storks can deliver babies, carrier pigeons can deliver a multiple-choice answer to a professor. If carrier pigeons aren’t available during your ATMS 120 lecture, any other bird will do – carrier turkey just doesn’t roll of the tongue as well, however.


5.) Morse Code:

Nobody likes using the mobile app that you can use in replacement of an i>Clicker. In that case, grab your telegraph and share your answers with your professor through Morse Code. Beep beep, beep beep, beeeeeeeeeep.


4.) Telepathy:

If all of our professors claim to be so smart, they should be able to read your mind. When your i>Clicker dies and you don’t have a chance to get a replacement from your friend, just think of the answer you want and it’ll probably be included in the bar graph that your teacher shows on the screen so you can laugh at the idiots that got the question wrong.


3.) Raise Your Hand:

Do you respect yourself? No? Okay, well then this option is just for you. Just raise your hand in your 700-person lecture and share that you think the answer is “E” on a question with only four options. Everybody’s going to love you.


2.) Have Your Mom E-mail The Professor:

You’re a college student that doesn’t have the balls to man up and e-mail your own professor about the fact that you don’t have an i>Clicker, so use your crutch and have your mom e-mail your teacher like its still 6th grade. Have her seem really scary when she says it as well, using loaded language like, “I’m going to talk to the principal about this if my baby doesn’t get his point.” That’ll show your teacher and you’ll get credit.


1.) Use an i>Clicker 1:

Nobody’s ever seen an i>Clicker 1. We’ve seen Donald Drumpf rise to the top of the presidential race. We’ve seen strange articles about where to vomit on Unofficial. But we’ve never seen an i>Clicker 1. Your professor will be so impressed with the amount of work you put into finding an i>Clicker 1 that he’s just going to give you credit for effort.


So keep using your i>Clickers to garner participation points. Just try to avoid resorting to your mommy sending an e-mail when you’re in college.

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