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8 Ways to Enjoy the Powpocolypse


Thanks to the gods of El Niño, school is closed! Time to make some well thought out bad decisions (I’ve personally been stuck in Vail since Saturday). Check out what experts at The Black Sheep do to procrastinate finishing homework on this glorious powpocolyptic forced vacation.


Get stuck in the mountains with a two wheel drive car:

When you get stuck skiing blower pow two days strait because you can’t make it over Vail Pass in your two wheel drive Jetta, just relax, and hope that your responsibilities will take care of themselves. Fill your car with some dirtbag friends and fishtail your way over some high mountain passes and into your new life as a ski bum.


Build a buffalo snowman:

It’s time to step your snowman game up to the next level (you are in college after all). Use some of your hard earned college problem solving skills to figure out how to give a large pile of snow a head with some horns. Bonus points if it ends up on the school website.


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Boredom sex:

If you don’t like the snow, you’re going to want to fill your time with something other than browsing your friend’s snow day Facebook pictures. Meet somebody else who hates the snow and have rad boredom sex. Bonus points if it happens in an igloo on Farrand Field.


Hot box an igloo:

Hot boxing an igloo not only sounds cool, it can also be pretty cold. Grab some hot people to surround yourself with and make a cuddle puddle while you blaze. We’re pretty sure this is how the original settlers of Colorado used to make it through winter.


Wasted sledding:

Remember how awesome sledding was as a kid? The best way to reach that inner child again is through alcohol. Drink a bunch of liquor and head to anywhere with a hill. Just make sure that hill isn’t Broadway on your way to the bars (or at least swerve away from the things that are honking at you).


Poach the local hotel hot tubs:

Confidence is key with this one. Put on your bathrobe, a pair of slippers, some sunglasses, and be holding a martini. Order something to your fake room when you get there, and try not to forget the last name you used to throw them off.


Jump off your roof:

Not only does this make a great Instagram, but you also get to imagine that this is impressing your friends. Get good and liquored up before hand so that you don’t feel it when you actually end up jumping on a fire hydrant.


Destroy a snowman:

If your semester is off to a bad start, destroying the effigy of a carrot-nosed person will probably make you feel good. If you’re lucky, this snowman might also have some cool clothing items you can steal.


Get a 30 rack, run into the snow, and have some quality fun. Powpocolypse doesn’t happen very often, so get it while you can!


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