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A Day in the Life of a Rebel (as told by GIFS)


Sometimes college life seems like a never-ending cycle of the same old academic drudgery. That’s because it is.


6 a.m. – Noon (depending on to what extent you have your shit together):

GOOD MORNING! Time to get up and at ‘em, Rebels!




8 a.m.: Regretting the decision to take an 8 a.m…




10 a.m.: Standing in line at Starbucks, in desperate need of caffeine and hoping that maybe sometime this year you’ll get to order



11 a.m.: That glorious caffeine kick…



Noon: More class



1 p.m.: Attempting to get lunch in the Union



2 p.m.: And… you’re stuck in class again




4 p.m.: Study or, at least, sit in the library and pretend to study (C gets the degree, y’all)




6 p.m. – ???: It’s time to hit the Square and actually have some fun (and drink until your life seems a little easier to manage)



(You’re gonna need a little more)



There you go



Eventually: You stumble back home, fall into bed, and get ready to do it all over again



How long until the semester is over?


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