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A List of Haunted Knoxville Locations

As Halloween grows closer, the desire to be spooked grows with it. Let’s be honest, we all love a good scare and seasonal children’s cereal flavors that come with it, but there’s more to it. So we’re here with Knoxville’s most haunted spots.


Old Mine Road Tunnel:

Old Mine Road used to be the preferred means of travel for mine workers in the late 1800s. During the early days of the mines, the Atlantic Rail Road Company laid tracks through East Tennessee and crossed them over Old Mine Road. Long story short, the trains got bigger and the tunnel didn’t so some people got squeezed.


Now, the tunnel is a hotspot for activity that supposedly attracts ghosts even older than the tunnel’s creation. And drugs. Mainly drugs.


Lynnhurst Cemetery:

Lynnhurst Cemetery, located on Adair Road off Broadway, is one of Knoxville’s largest cemeteries. It’s also the site of several reported hauntings throughout the years due to the fact that they dug up a bunch of folks to build a new road through there, and apparently dead people take those things personally.


Several reports have surfaced through the years of a friendly old man who actually stopped people to have a conversation and then vanished when people turned their backs on him. That’s right, he makes you feel like a freshman girl who just hooked up with a senior. Each report is similar in that the man is very kind and friendly and will often offer life advice even if you don’t ask for it. Like your hipster friend that smoked weed twice.


The University of Tennessee Indian Burial Mounds:

If you’re not already aware, there are three Indian Burial Mounds on the UT campus. However, it’s getting hard to tell which piles of dirt are Sequoyah’s cousins and which are just there from a hastily-completed construction project.


One, as we all know, is located on the Agricultural Campus. The other is beneath Ayres, which makes sense if you dread walking up the Hill every day. The third is under one of the dorms. The dorm in question was actually built around it so as to not disturb it. We can’t tell you which one though, because if we did, all the weird students would go absolutely batshit crazy. Actually, that sounds kind of fun; it’s Reese Hall.


Apartment Resident Hall (Andy Holt Apartments)

The Apartment Resident Hall, lovingly called Andy Holt Apartments due to its location on Andy Holt Ave. (and because Andy Holt shelled out half of Tennessee’s GDP to build it), has seen plenty of horrors during its 40 years before being demolished. From the Ouija Board fiasco of 1991 to the double bed-sheet suicide of 2004, the residence hall has been abuzz with plenty of activity. Yet, there has been a constant issue every student has dealt with over the years: The elevators.


Now, luckily, the elevators have never come crashing down. During the Blizzard of ‘87, after the college let students stay on campus for the winter break (which is just asking for a blackout extravaganza on campus), one student left her dorm room on the 15th floor and never made it to the lobby. The power went out and supposedly she was in the elevator for six days before dying from lack of food (This sounds like nothing to you Adderall-addicted engineering majors).


Before being torn down this year, the elevators were often reported to randomly stop and crying could be heard. Because the Big Orange Screw will get you. Even in death.


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