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A Seminole’s Guide to Spending Financial Aid Like a Boss

The first football game of the season has come and gone and the semester is in full swing. You’ve decided on classes, bought your books, and have officially settled in, so what now? Wondering what to do with your leftover loans, bright futures, and Florida prepaid? Two words: cash out. As The Black Sheep is wise and experienced, we will grant you some sage advice on how to live it up with your temporary fortune.


5.) The Shopping Spree:
This one’s inevitable. Head over to Governor’s Square Mall and go straight to the sale section… of Helzberg Diamonds. You’re an adult now, so it’s important to figure out which engagement ring design really describes you. Next check out BCBG and Coach before hitting up all the department stores. College is a time to experiment with your wardrobe and find your style, so it’s okay—in fact it’s recommended—to splurge on yourself sometimes.


4.) The Night On The Town:
Get away from your dorm for a weekend and spend it at the Four Points by Sheraton hotel on Tennessee Street. It’s where all the cool businessmen, politicians, and financially equipped students stay. Enjoy the poolside bar and gourmet delicacies at their restaurant Juicy Blue, and dance the night away in one of their beautiful ballrooms. Checking in here will make you seem both classy and cool. Hurry and make your reservations before you graduate — it’s a student tradition!


3.) The Vacay:
Have you ever booked a flight from the Tallahassee International Airport? Well now’s your chance! Known for being the go-to method of transportation for traveling statesmen and the site of reluctant investments for parents of homebound students, this is the place to be when you’re ready to max out. Explore the world and board the next available flight to anywhere for a spontaneous and romantic getaway.


2.) The College Experience:
This is the one you’ve been waiting for since coming to Tally. For a night to remember, invite all your friends out to Coliseum on Tennessee Street and buy them round after round of champagne with fireworks. You know you want to. Though if late nights and binge drinking ain’t yo thang, no worries! Call up your local dealer and buy his/her entire stock of herbs, for medicinal purposes of course. Then go to the most extravagant Tallahassee restaurant you can find, something in the ranks of Cypress or Suwannee, to satisfy your munchies.


1.) The Merch:
Last but not least, buy an entire outfit at the FSU Bookstore. You might already have a Seminole shirt or baseball hat, but now is the time to go crazy. Buy a Florida State pajama set, or a pair running shorts with a matching top. Whatever caught your eye when you were buying textbooks is still grossly overpriced and ready to be purchased. Represent your school and show off your riches with a mascot embossed hoodie and sweatpants, and remember to bleed garnet and gold! Or something.


These are my highly sought-out answers to surviving FSU on a budget. Use them to your liking. You’re welcome.

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