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Are You Smarter Than: A UW English Major?


English majors know a lot about spooky stuff, right? Like teaching middle school or writing copy for a slimy, two-timing, scotch guzzling fuckboy with an identity crisis. They have experience in the scary department, which might make it difficult to beat one in a Halloween themed trivia test of wills.


Meet your competitor: Alex



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1.) Movies: What 2000s horror movie franchise saw 7 movies gross a grand total of 457 million dollars?


2.) History: On Halloween on 1961 this dead person was removed from Lenin’s Tomb


3.) Literature: Tarry Town, New York is the setting for what spooky Washington Irving classic?


4.) Celebrity: Which supermodel is notorious for her Halloween costumes, having appeared as Lady Godiva, a Hindu god, and a raven?


5.) Candy: What candy’s classic slogan asks eaters to “give me a break”?


6.) Television: This beloved aughts TV show saw main character Leslie face off against tiny terror Greg Pikitis so he wouldn’t vandalize a mayor’s statue.


7.) Controversy: Controversy is already the rage this year when a costume of this reality TV star hit shelves.


8.) Geography: Romania’s celebration of Halloween is centered around this historically, geographically-relevant figure.


9.) Pumpkins: What kind of plant is a pumpkin?


10.) Religion: Halloween is descended from Samhain, an Irish holiday followed Celts of this religion.


Participant’s Answers:

  1. Saw
  2. John Lenon’s living body?
  3. I don’t know Washington Irving so I’m gonna say Halloween
  4. Heidi Klum
  5. Kit Kat
  6. It’s pronounced Pikitis! Totally Parks and Recreation!
  7. Ummmmmm, oh, duh, Caitlyn Jenner
  8. Dracula
  9. Is it a gourd?
  10. Ummmmmmm is it, EW?


Real Answers:

1.) Saw    

2.) Joseph Stalin  

3.) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow   

4.) Heidi Klum  

5.) Kit Kat   

6.) Parks and Recreation   

7.) Caitlyn Jenner    

8.) Dracula    

9.) A gourd   

10.) Paganism


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